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  1. 280z crankcase net

    If it helps, the part number is 11037-E3000.
  2. Wiper arm linkage assembly parts

    Fascinating read. Thanks for the write ups. I did wonder why that part of the mechanism had such a large diameter, when only a small pivot would generally be required. I think everyone who reads this will now want to test theirs out!
  3. L series engine oil dipsticks

    From my UK R-Drive fiche, part number 11140-P6500 fits the 280ZX from 10/78 on.
  4. Proper Wiper Blade and Arm Color?

    I know that the black paint over "silver" applies to the original-style "wire" blades, like those in the images below, but that may not be the case on any replacement parts.
  5. Proper Wiper Blade and Arm Color?

    If you strip off the black paint, the components are "silver"-finish underneath. Technically, any car manufactured prior to 08/76 should have "silver"-finished components.
  6. Proper Wiper Blade and Arm Color?

    The finish on visible wiper components (arms, blade holders and nuts) changed from a bright stainless-type to black, from 8/76 on. So, for a 1977, a black finish on all the visible wiper components would be "correct".
  7. Z Mirror with no Day/Night Toggle?

    The rear view mirror on my 1977 UK 260Z does not have a day/night toggle lever. The owner's manual suggests that this non-toggle type of mirror is fitted with anti-glare glass.
  8. Not sure how reliable it is, but I simply scanned and increased the size of the TC rod bushes image from my parts fiche, albeit for RHD vehicles, but presumably the same for LHD. You can just about see, especially on the bottom bush in the image, that the larger faces are away from the washers, i.e. facing each other.
  9. Bridgestone RD-102 "Wide" 195/70 R14 tyres

    Hello 280z, I have responded via PM, thank you. Regards.
  10. Bridgestone RD-102 "Wide" 195/70 R14 tyres

    I thought I should update my original post from September. I now have a grand total of two of the Bridgestone RD-102 "Wide" 195/70 R14 tyres, both in very good condition and each with at least 6mm of tread remaining. The reason for the update is that I am still looking to purchase an additional three of this particular type and size of tyre, to match the attached images. If anyone does have a good one they are willing to sell, I would be happy to purchase it, either with or without the rim. I have attached a couple of images of what I am looking for, if that helps. Thanks for looking!
  11. WTB Genuine Nissan Spark Plug Removal Tool

    Hello 26th Z, Thanks for posting up those images of early tool kit components. I could understand a toolkit being unused in a modern vehicle, but when we look back forty years, or so, the tools would have been used more regularly, I suspect (more home mechanics too). Amazing the condition of them. The adjustable spanner in your post is a 250mm one, but in the 260Z toolkit it is a 200mm model. I think there is a larger model too. In respect of the toolkit components list, these occasionally pop up with used toolkits on auction sites. I have seen a few different versions selling on eBay alongside the toolkits. Attached is an image of one that I have. From what you advised in an earlier post on this thread, because the list includes the four wheel nuts, this will likely be from a later S30 car. Also attached is a picture of a late model S30 jack which is part of my car's toolkit. I'll have to find the spanner set I have and post a picture of that up, perhaps at the weekend. I know it has a red-painted clasp, but I can't remember if it is exactly the same as the one in your post above. I also think the ones I have "Nissan Motor" cast into them. I am certain a spark plug spanner will pop up at some time, as they are not especially rare. Regards. Jeremy.
  12. WTB Genuine Nissan Spark Plug Removal Tool

    Hello 26th Z, Thanks for posting up on this thread. I do have a great admiration for people like yourself on this site that have such an in-depth knowledge of these cars and their history. I find all those little details that people impart to others, via this forum, fascinating and it has helped me build up a reasonable knowledge of the S30 range. Many years ago I did try and track down those factory tools, checking every single tool parts number on my fiche with Nissan UK, but each item came back "NLA". The tools in the images above are fascinating and incredibly rare. Unfortunately, I have relied too heavily on my RHD parts fiche and period brochures to try to build up a picture of what was correct on my car when it was new. However, in the UK there is little else to go by, there being so few late model (1977/78) 260Z's left. Based on the RHD fiche, I put together what I though was a factory-correct tool kit for my car. However, having recently seen a very low mileage UK 260Z for sale, I have discovered that the tool kit is far more extensive than I originally thought. I am not sure how long this link will work, but here is the inspiration for tracking down the correct parts for my car (you will see the toolkit in a couple of the images): http://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/1978-datsun-260z This toolkit is most certainly the correct factory-supplied item (you will note it differs considerably from the RHD fiche), evidenced by the accompanying list of tools in the kit. I have never seen a tool kit for an S30 this extensive and the factory adjustable wrench is not even listed in my parts book. The photographs in the link above actually provide such an incredible amount of information in respect of the late model UK 260z (note the writing on the flat tops "HMB46W ???", the fact that the radiator is manufactured by Calsonic (like on my own car), the text on the fuel rail "7914U" and the like). I hope whoever buys this car does not "over restore" it, losing those important factory details. I have copied those photographs for future reference! One advantage I do have when I finally get the confidence and associated knowledge to restore my car is that the second owner, i.e. the one before me, saved all the original parts that were replaced over its life (from thirteen months old). Therefore, I have the original water pump, coil, plug leads, all in reasonable condition, which is a great start. You mention factory lug nuts. I do have an unused set of these in their factory packaging, which I don't need (if anyone wants them please get in touch). These are not required on late UK cars because they were supplied with the "black pearl" aluminium wheels as stock. Back to the thread before I complete go off topic! If anyone does have a plug wrench they want to sell, I am very keen to purchase one. Thanks again. Jeremy.
  13. WTB Genuine Nissan Spark Plug Removal Tool

    Hi Terrapin Z, Thanks for the comprehensive comment. I'll give one of the US dealers a try direct to see if I can purchase new, but have made the assumption previously that if the part number is "no longer available" (NLA) on a particular Nissan site, then it is generally not available anywhere through Nissan. Perhaps that is not correct! I have tried several sources of parts I know, starting in Canada, then France, the UK, Japan and now the US. Unlike the OEM fan belt I am after, I am confident the plug removal spanner will appear at some point, perhaps through one of the auction sites. Thanks again. Jeremy.
  14. WTB Genuine Nissan Spark Plug Removal Tool

    Hi siteunseen, Thanks for your interest. I did try an excellent parts source in Canada, but he could not get hold of the plug spanner, even used. Prior to looking, I assumed the part would be relatively to find. It is like trying to find an original fan belt for my car (P/N 11720-P0305). Common when these cars were new, but after looking for at least ten years, impossible to find now! What is the name of the Texas distribution centre please, and are we talking new or used? Regarding the tool kit, my factory parts book is incorrect in the items it lists as standard (as opposed to optional). The parts book lists as standard (for a UK 260Z) the parts below: Jack set (jack, square-section bar and handle) Pair of tyre stoppers Wheel nut wrench Tool bag I only found out very recently that the UK tool kit is a lot more comprehensive than the parts book states. What it should comprise are: Jack set (jack, square-section bar and handle) Pair of tyre stoppers Wheel nut wrench Tool bag Spanner set Pliers Adjustable spanner (not even listed in my parts fiche) Crosshead screwdriver Flat head screwdriver. The two screwdrivers are separately listed, not a single screwdriver with a swappable shaft (crosshead one end and flat head the other) which is more common I believe. Spark plug spanner and spanner bar When you say you car has tyre changing tools only, I assume that would essentially be the same set of tools as in the top list. Thanks both for your help thus far. Regards. Jeremy.