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  1. Thanks to Sean Dezart for three of the images I have posted up here. I am trying to find out the differences between S30 headlamp buckets, so that I can identify part numbers 63116-N4600 (LH) and 63115-N4600 (RH), which are correct for my late 1977 UK-model 260Z coupe. On my R-Drive fiche, these part numbers are correct for European S30 models from 0/76 on. I do know that the black headlamp bucket in the image below is part number 63116-N4700 (LH), with the corresponding right hand side, part number, 63115-N4700. These (N4700 units) are correct for a 8/76 on 280Z, and have a captive nut (ringed in red in the image) to the second hole back from the front. I cannot definitively identify the other three variants part numbers in the images below, which respectively have four (no captive nut), three and two holes in the bottom section of the headlamp bucket. I think these are all metal assemblies. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  2. In the UK it means something is scaled up on the inside, for example, with limescale. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/fur-up
  3. Mustache bar bushings

    Yes, in Europe, according to my R-Drive factory fiche (see below), Nissan retained the solid rubber bushings until the S30 ceased production in1978. It is a good point you make about the moustache bar not actually being a suspension element.
  4. Mustache bar bushings

    Just to add to this thread that European-specification cars, at least from 07/71, were equipped with solid rubber inserts between the concentric metal bush parts, part number 55476-E4102, which probably helped to firm up the suspension.
  5. 280z crankcase net

    If it helps, the part number is 11037-E3000.
  6. Wiper arm linkage assembly parts

    Fascinating read. Thanks for the write ups. I did wonder why that part of the mechanism had such a large diameter, when only a small pivot would generally be required. I think everyone who reads this will now want to test theirs out!
  7. L series engine oil dipsticks

    From my UK R-Drive fiche, part number 11140-P6500 fits the 280ZX from 10/78 on.
  8. Proper Wiper Blade and Arm Color?

    I know that the black paint over "silver" applies to the original-style "wire" blades, like those in the images below, but that may not be the case on any replacement parts.
  9. Proper Wiper Blade and Arm Color?

    If you strip off the black paint, the components are "silver"-finish underneath. Technically, any car manufactured prior to 08/76 should have "silver"-finished components.
  10. Proper Wiper Blade and Arm Color?

    The finish on visible wiper components (arms, blade holders and nuts) changed from a bright stainless-type to black, from 8/76 on. So, for a 1977, a black finish on all the visible wiper components would be "correct".
  11. Z Mirror with no Day/Night Toggle?

    The rear view mirror on my 1977 UK 260Z does not have a day/night toggle lever. The owner's manual suggests that this non-toggle type of mirror is fitted with anti-glare glass.
  12. Not sure how reliable it is, but I simply scanned and increased the size of the TC rod bushes image from my parts fiche, albeit for RHD vehicles, but presumably the same for LHD. You can just about see, especially on the bottom bush in the image, that the larger faces are away from the washers, i.e. facing each other.
  13. Bridgestone RD-102 "Wide" 195/70 R14 tyres

    Hello 280z, I have responded via PM, thank you. Regards.
  14. Bridgestone RD-102 "Wide" 195/70 R14 tyres

    I thought I should update my original post from September. I now have a grand total of two of the Bridgestone RD-102 "Wide" 195/70 R14 tyres, both in very good condition and each with at least 6mm of tread remaining. The reason for the update is that I am still looking to purchase an additional three of this particular type and size of tyre, to match the attached images. If anyone does have a good one they are willing to sell, I would be happy to purchase it, either with or without the rim. I have attached a couple of images of what I am looking for, if that helps. Thanks for looking!