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  1. I know the one you mean. It needs a castle-like cover that acts as the lock for the cauter/cotter/cotur pin. I can always scrouge up stuff like this is you can't find one elsewhere. Let me know at z240@shaw.c
  2. Thinking too hard here guys. Just take a hose off one carb, and put it in a cup, and try cranking the motor and see what you get for volume. If you get a decent stream, try putting your finger over the end of the hose and see if you can build up pressure. You should not be able to hold the pressure back without making a squirty mess. It's not about pressure, or flow, but both.
  3. Absolutely begin with all three carbs independant linkage wise. Get each one flowing the same as you set the idles amoungst the three until the car idles well. Make sure the idle mix screws are all the same turns out (1, 1.5, not past three or you have other issues...) as a starting point. THEN hook up the linkage (should not cause ANY throttle change from base case) and get it idling again.
  4. Is your fan cracked/broke or are you trying to get better air flow with a modern design . I have a few spare stock fan's if you just need a replacement. Might also checkout Spalusa.com for motor and fan options.
  5. I would definitely restore it myself. I done a few and it's totally a D!Y (there I go with the abbrevs again...) The only exception is if the dash foam and/or skin is so hard and brittle that it breaks/cracks with an easy finger tip press. Then its a loosing cause unless you totally fibreglass skin the dash.
  6. I've never seen or had any in-dash wiring break or appear brittle with dash removal and referbishment. Unless you include the high current wiring (fat White/red) and their single terminal connections, and maybe the fusebox. I'm sure the $900 guy is just doing a CYA thing.
  7. Is the mirror body real thin? Then likely 510
  8. $80?!?!?!?!? That there is a $300 dollar antenna if it works and is complete! And no I don't have one. I don't think.....
  9. Very nice work. You realize you have to post wiring diagrams, and part numbers/ year/make/model of the Honda you borrowed the servo's from, don't you?
  10. Fuel filling problems are often caused by a problem with the vent air return hose that T's into the filler hose near the top. Air has to escape out the vent line as the tank is filled BEFORE the nozzle of the filler, or the air will try to escape back out the main fill hose triggering the release on the gas station knozzle. Chances are you have broken cracked vent lines.
  11. Bet you didn't know these exist. http://www.jegs.com/p/Allstar-Performance/Allstar-Brake-Line-Quick-Disconnects/1626846/10002/-1 Also bet you they aren't street legal...
  12. Perhaps todays youth are not so easily manipulated as I had hoped. No bites on the FB ad so far.
  13. I know these things dies a natural death for a reason. The clear 3M film was the final Le-nail in the Le-coffin. Well then I'll put it on facebook as the coolest retro Z accessory ever and it will sell in a heart beat to a nice unsuspecting youngster.
  14. I knew I would spark your collective imaginations. Nice job everyone. Site, if you want it, I'll make you a great deal. Name your price! So, no le-panties.....
  15. and you wonder why fuel injection was created.... Time to create a variable orffice (iris?) thingy controlled by SU piston position and software.....