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  1. How many threads on coilover to be safe?

    I would think the mininum threaded engagement would be 1 to 1.5 times the collar diameter. 5 threads ain't gonna do it.
  2. Rear Hub bearing uneven resistance

    Don't panic yet. Occasionally when this happens to me, I just disassemble, clean the hub ledges where the bearings seat, clean everything that will touch again, and re-assemble. Usually straightens up and flies right. No biggy
  3. You need taller retainers to keep those lash pads in place. Isky retainers from carid.com are reasonable. (Thanks Steve Bonk) You can also use 426 hemi keepers (thanks Steve Bonk again!) which put the valve tip lower in the retainer if you're stuck with stock retainers. Riley at Lynchburg Nissan has lots of lash pads at just over $6 each. http://datnissparts.com/search.php?search_query=lash&Search= Don't be afraid of getting fatter ones and belt sanding them down to spec as you check each wipe pattern like a good little engine builder.
  4. Looking for opinion on a body.

    Elliot, good advice here, look for a complete car starting point. You have a large active 510 group in your area. If you don't already know it, check out the 510realm.com forum. They can help you find a project car.
  5. Door parts

    There is a thread on here somewhere about using blue plastic 2-part tarp grommets to replace those always-broken guide roller shields. I find the most common issue with tight or jambed window motion is grease in the guide tracks that has turned to 1,000,000 cp (super viscous) goo. When that happens, forcing the window to move with the crank bends the regulator arms, moves the guide tracks out of alignment, and it goes down hill fast from there. So take all the guide rails out, clean and regrease, and make sure the wheels that sit in those guides roll freely. These white plastic shields don't have a lot to do with how tightly the wheels fits the guides, but they do help some.
  6. Crank Bolt Size on 1967 SPL-311 1600 Sport

    My buddy found two posts on 311s.org that claims its a 28mm or 1-1/8" on a 1600. Take both
  7. Crank Bolt Size on 1967 SPL-311 1600 Sport

    He only has a 2000 handy, but its 27mm like an L.
  8. Crank Bolt Size on 1967 SPL-311 1600 Sport

    Just asked a local roadster expert. Waiting on response
  9. Nissan's solution to future Z?

    I'd drive it if I could find it... With those tracks I could actually get it out without shoveling!
  10. Rear wheel bearing install issue

    The white washer in the picture is the noise reducing copper washer used in the 240's and later dropped on the larger/thicker splined 280 axles. None of the washers has any effect on the bearing position once tightened.
  11. Rear wheel bearing install issue

    How about that tin plate that's trapped against the flange by the wheel studs? Is it deformed around the circular raised center portion? It's a close fit in there, it's kind of a dust shield. Grasping at straws now, everything looks right.
  12. Rear wheel bearing install issue

    Just a maybe, did you put the outer bearing on the right way? The collar that sticks out goes toward the wheel flange. Maybe the inner bearing is not seated straight?
  13. Am I getting old...

    Sounds to me like you acted correctly to do all you could to keep the damage to a minimum. None of this was your fault at all, instead it was a skillfully executed set of maneuvers that may have saved someone's life. If she u-turned in front of you, that puts the drivers door right in line with your rather large truck. What transpired from your quick reactions and commitment to making the best of a bad situation rather than closing your eyes and slamming on the brakes, is dang near heroic. I call that a pretty good day.
  14. Stainless Steel Brake Hoses

    No. The brake lines are all female flare fittings. No clue why Amazon claims these work. Get them from Raymond at Apexbrakes.com. Can't beat the price and the quality is great. Also a Canadian supplier
  15. DATSUN LLC Rebuilt Engine Opinion

    First verify that the oil pressure is in fact low by installing a mechanical oil pressure gauge in the port where the stock sender is located. The stock gauge should not be trusted. Normal idle oil pressure can be as low as 10-15 psi and should top out around 60 psi above 3000 RPM. Oil pressure is determined primarily by bearing clearances. If the clearance is too large, then the pressure can drop. This normally happens with an old engine. No excuse with a new one.