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  1. WTB: 240Z Grill Parts

    I'm here just busy. I have several grills, but no separated spare components. Also have a TIG welder... Nevemind, too far away.. Aren't there a couple of different grill mounting arrangements? Early and late, for the 73 bumper brackets or something? Maybe I just make one of these things into a parts donor...
  2. Electric Fuel Pump Jumper?

    The stock fuel pump harness at the pump by the tank is a pair of M/F 4mm bullet terminals, like SB1 and SS1. Under dash the empty connector is a 2 pin 1/4 spade MPT2 female as you guessed. Yes you can build you're own jumper or put a relay in there
  3. Need some Francophone assistance SVP

    Things are progressing on a positive note. Monsier LaPointe (Jacques last name) lives in Quebec City. And I have contact info for the buyer. Maybe baby is going to a new home.... sniff....
  4. Need some Francophone assistance SVP

    Thanks! I'll let you know if I need him.
  5. Need some Francophone assistance SVP

    I can find out his location for sure. Are your friends named Guido and Tiny?
  6. Need some Francophone assistance SVP

    I will proceed with great caution. I like the idea of getting a local french speaker to video chat with the buyer. My main concern is that Jacques is not really representing a buyer. I really don't care if I sell it to him or to the "buyer" as long as I get paid. Still if he is not being honest, then "No Z for you" He did tell a very believable story about him and his buyer travelling to look at two other Z's in the east, one in Ottawa I think he said, that turned out to be far from what the seller was claiming for rust condition. Very familiar story. They were impressed with under my car pictures and claims of relative rust-free-ness. I would be happy if they travelled here to pick it up. Maybe I'll drive it down there! Field Trip!
  7. I am selling my 73 Z, and have an interested buyer in Quebec. He has enlisted the help of an agency to communicate with me since he speaks no English. The guy is great, but it raises questions. but I would like someone I know, who can speak french to make it possible to speak with the buyer rather than his agent. Anyone here with enough french to help a poor Western Anglophone? (For some reason the 6 years of french I took in Grades 7-12 are not quite enough in this situation, never mind how long ago that was...) The guy I'm dealing with is Jacques Andre. His name and number come up in several french language links showing him selling cars, so that part of what he tells me checks out. Anyone ever hear of him or this business? http://classiccarsmarks.com/jaguar/199174-1961-jaguar-mark-ii-ultra-rare-special-ordered-color-combo.html
  8. Complete Triple Weber 40 DCOE set.

    Carbs are now sold. Thanks Andrew!
  9. L series engine oil dipsticks

    Now someone will have to determine the correct oil level in the pan. Then I.guarantee Blue will put a carb float bowl sight glass in the side of his oil pan to make sure his oil is full.
  10. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    "Not that there's anything wrong with that"
  11. L series engine oil dipsticks

    How about a difference in the receiver tube length that is mounted in the block? Might this account for the apparent different dip stick lengths? i can hardly wait to get home and peruse my dip stick collection. Why I have a dipstick collection is another question with no answer. ..
  12. changing camber using the strut insulator

    How much can you gain by just slotting the stock mount holes toward the engine bay, and shoving the strut inward until the insulator housing hits the inside of the tower? I have also seen pictures of a stock LCA cut in half then an adjustable turnbuckle added to the gap to enable length adjustment. My experience shows ride harness comes primarily from the T/C rod when it is hard mounted. Dropping the wheels into holes make a hell of crash to hear and feel when the TC rod has no compliance. Control arm bushings and upper strut mounts are not the big noise transferring items you might think.
  13. changing camber using the strut insulator

    1.5 is good. More than I expected. Energy suspension used to sell Urethane potting material. They don't any more. You really can't afford anything weak in there, can you? This isn't my area of expertise. Time for more experimention and torture testing.
  14. changing camber using the strut insulator

    Not a bad idea. Not sure how much camber you get by just shifting the guts. Only one way to find out! Light up torch! (I got lots of spares if you're worried about experimenting...)
  15. Battery suggestion

    The 24F is the group that fits. It's tall, but it does not touch the hood. Close only counts in horse shoes and hurricanes. I'm a fan of the group 51 honda batteries. Smaller, common, if you won't start your 510 you need to fix the car, not the battery. You will have to invent your own hold down of course.