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  1. HLS30-07848

    Z therapy carbs are "Signed" and dated inscribed on the throttle blades, engine side. Once you get them cleaned up it will be more obvious.
  2. HLS30-07848

    It goes straight down. Its the vacumm port for the dizzy advance. Pretty tiny hole, but it should be right there in the bore BEFORE the throttle blade for ported vacuum
  3. Well I can definitely supply the bolt and washer, and at the very least a stock bushing. I have to look and see if I have a spare poly bushing, If I do, that's coming as well. Please send me a PM and we'll arrange shipping details. Slightly late Xmas present, K?
  4. ChickenDude, you seen the actual fiche images through the native viewer. Is the quality of what is on the fiche themselves crap so that no matter how much you magnify it it can't get better, or do think the scans we work with were just not done at high enough resolution? I see the carpartsmanual images are at least twice as good as the fiche CD scans so there should be something I have tracked down a set of NOS fiche, I think. Haven't seen them yet but I think there is hope.
  5. Imagine if you could click on any number on those pictures and then be hot linked to the part number(s), item listing and details, or the opposite. Maybe search all the parts suppliers web sites that might have that part number to get availability and pricing. Click on a bolt and get a picture of a real one, it's size and torque specs. Let your mind imagine what's possible..... It's so much more than supplying a picture to look at.....
  6. Hey gang So I'm working on a little project (don't enough irons in the fire....) and was wanting to bounce some ideas off a few of you So the blow up parts pictures in the clubs parts fiche CD pdfs are, as we all know, well, pretty poor quality. So poor that reading the numbers is often impossible. carpartsmanual's version of the fiche is better, but still not perfect. carpartsmanual on the left, same pic from the fiche CD's. Not the worst one I can assure you. I want to get a set of these pictures that is better quality. One idea would be to have the fiche re-digitized at higher resolution. Another would be to perhaps make a project where someone with the Nissan FAST program can extract better quality pictures. There are 256 such pictures (from carpartsmanual), so the project is not huge, just not trivial. Looking for other ideas and suggestions. Put it out there. If I can get what I'm thinking of doing, working, it will be worth the effort to get better pictures, trust me. Let's try not to make this about finding out what I'm working on, just on getting better pictures.
  7. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Yeah that right side sure looks like a 240 bushing on a 280 rack.....
  8. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    I'd love to try some solid bushings and remove ALL play. Gimme dat road feel!
  9. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    The only set of new poly I have is a pair from GMachine, labelle as for 260/280. The left side bushing is 1.45 thick. I also measured the right side bushing flanges. Same width as the left side, 1.1 for 240 and 1.35 for 260/280. i have one stock 240 (used) bushing set, left side is 1.15 wide, no wonder it takes little aging to make them loose. Notice that the steel caps that hold them down are all the same width. So the outside groove in the bushings all all the "same" regardless.
  10. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Ok, 240 rack left side flange spacing is 1.1 inch, 280 1.35 inch. This is measured across the flats above the chamfer/curve at the bottom.
  11. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    240 racks have a narrower driver's side flange on the racks, so maybe your rack is 240 but the bushing is 280? I need to go measure each of them. Hang on. All that said, the poly bushings are a very very tight fit. Many have trimmed the inside edge to match the chamfered/rounded rack casting down at the bottom of the flanges and I've had to use hose clamps and grease to squeeze those suckers in place. Usually have to use longer M8 bolts to catch the caps without the bushings fully seated then tighten them down to squeeze everything together. Later you can change out the bolts to the right length.
  12. Crankcase breather

    Excellent writeup. How many triple carb setups have I seen with a little K&N filter on the block tube and often the same on the valve cover. I just checked Rock Auto's listing for PCV valves for the 83 NA and Turbo models to look for differences. They list the identical valves for all of the approx 6 manufacturers of valves. Great..... And while it's "possible" that all these valves meet the turbo sealing spec, I think we know the truth about that... And to assist with the actual question, once you get your balance tube back on, put the stock PCV valve back in and run the stock PCV hose between the block vent and the PCV valve. Put a little knipple on the back of whatever air cleaner you run and put that hose onto the valve cover.
  13. HLS30-07848

    Oh that's not right.....
  14. Old vs New

    The clutch feel in my 2017 370 was also horrible. Nearly impossible to start out smoothly, crazy long travel. The shifter itself was generally "ok" but I'd often find myself hunting for the right "next" gear when driving it hard and shifting fast. Pretty crappy overall for a modern car. All of my older Datsun's feel a million times better. Bit hard to comprehend.