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  1. and you wonder why fuel injection was created.... Time to create a variable orffice (iris?) thingy controlled by SU piston position and software.....
  2. Sorry to start this rather "racy" topic on a Sunday morning, but I have something I believe you will want to see in the way of vintage intimate Z apparel. I find myself with a rather skimpy piece of clothing that just doesn't fit my well endowed Z. Perhaps its more to your liking and style. This item is new and un-worn. I resisted the urge to try it on. Never know who's lurking around with a camera these days.... Let me know if you're interested. Asking $50 + shipping but will consider all offers. Will package in a plain brown wrapper to ensure your privacy and to reduce embarrasent upon arrival. Final buyer will remain anonymous.
  3. How many Corinthians does it take to do a Z upholstery job anyway?
  4. The only problem I've ever had with these was on an L18 in a 610, a REAL long time ago. The oil pump pressure relief valve jambed up and the oil pressure followed RPM like a tach. Then it got quite high, then It went to 0 and stayed there. It had sheared the tang off the end of the shaft. Point being, oil pump malfunctions can also cause spindle failure.
  5. I have an ultra rare (ok, maybe not "ultra" but close, I guess it's not a red dot mirror...) 260z wiper motor. Really the only thing that makes it special is the one-year-only 6 pin black rubber round plug on the cable. Seems to work fine. Asking $100. PM me or z240@shaw.ca for details. Shipping is extra.
  6. taken with a dash cam no doubt.... Sorry...
  7. The 280 senders (side mount) have an "empty" sensor and an extra wire for that. Little red light on the fuel gauge will light up. Other than that they are identical (other than the connector) to the 240 senders if you need one and can't find a 280 sender.
  8. I can spare a switch or two if none appear closer to home.
  9. Just keep ALL the bits from the 240 clutch wise (disk, plate, throwout, bearing sleeve) and it will bolt up and work. Don't use any of the stuff from the car with the trans you're using.
  10. Other than then 82/83 turbo's that got that silly BW 5 speed, all the NA cars have the same transmission within their years. The ratios in the first couple of years are different than the later ratio's, most notably the over drive. 82-83 5 speeds are the sweet spot all around.
  11. Hmmmmm, that work bench looks familiar... I am embarrassed by its state of disarray, but it has been since replaced with a proper metal working bench. But I digress. I do still have a decent supply of shifter rods like the right hand ones if no one closer can help you. Drop me a note to z240@shaw.ca if I can help.
  12. Unicorn indeed. Alas, even I am bereft of such a mythical beast.
  13. Ok, now we see it Yes, very excessive. Pretty any visible movement is enough make significant looseness in the steering. Time for new rack bushings.
  14. Little delay there, sorry. Yes I have one. get me at z240@shaw.ca for details.
  15. That's me, simple.