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  1. Don't think they are any better at all, it's just a "look" and preference thing I'm pretty sure.
  2. Wires are now sold.
  3. The good news. I have two sets. Used of course. The bad news. Neiither set has the matching coil lead. I have no idea where they went. The happy news, first two people who want either set can have them for the price of shipping. While they look "ok", I guarantee nothing.... z240@shaw.ca if you want 'em.
  4. "Torn but still usable." By definition, if torn it is NOT usable. And DANG it, I just threw out the matching ripped and schredded letherette outer boot that would have been the perfect accessory for that rubber POS... Mind you, if that thing sells, I'm going to do the eco-friendly thing and put all my "useless" cast off's in ebay and retire rich!
  5. So you pull on the turn signal lever, the brights come on as well as the dash indicator, then you pull the lever again, and it switches to low beam and the dash indicator goes out. What's the problem again? The turn signal lever does not have two different positions which could be mixed up...
  6. The. "Eledlghting.com" domain is for sale. Their website is therefore toast as likely is the company unless they just did a name change. Sure you have the URL correct?
  7. Might shovel some snow off of it to prevent roof cave-in..... Will spring never come? Supposed to warm up considerably by next week, but will take 2-3 weeks of that to melt off the snow pack...
  8. I have parted out a few heads in the past and kept all the various bits. I'm sure I have more than a few shims laying around. Let me know what you need at z240@shaw.ca.
  9. I like beer, and people who show up with beer.
  10. Take a look at the bar they sent you. if its flat, it's wrong. If its curved, it will work. If you car originally had a straight bar, (its not clear what year your chassis is) the diff is in a forward position that would make either of the curved bars hard to use. I'll dig a set of the three bars out of a snow bank and take a picture for comparison.
  11. Part of the problem/confusion here is that there are two different R180 Z M-bars. The early ones, until they moved the diff back ro straighten up the half shafts, (72's?) were FLAT, and cannot be used with an R200. The ones with the diff moved in the rearward position are curved and CAN be used with an R200. Yes you have to open up the holes for the 12mm R200 holes. I've done it, its not conjecture.
  12. Well, I'm trying again this morning. I opened my ipad this morning, started Chrome, then opened CZCC as always. Clicked Sign In, entered username/pwd, no joy. Still the not allowed to view this stream. ok, try Safari, that worked yesterday. Now I'm locked out of that as well. Hummmph. I'm not giving up. Go to the PC that I have been able to get with, start Chrome, and log in successfully. Got asked the security question, no problem. I then disabled the new security question in Account Security. Log out, log in, all is fine. No security question. Log out and Close Chrome. Go back to the ipad. Attempt to get in with Chrome. It works! Magic! No security question, I can get in no problem. That's how I'm typing this now. Guess what I'm not going to use from now on!
  13. Ok this is just getting silly. Now I have been prevented from getting in on my ipad using Chrome. I last got in from my PC, on Chrome there. CLosed the window. Opened my ipad, opened chrome, went to my usual link, and got a message about not having permission to view this stream. I'm logged out. TRy to log in several times. Same "can't view this stream." Error. Tried Safari on my ipad, same thing. Well actually after trying for the 5th time, I'm magically allowed in! What is going on? Went back and tried Chrome on the ipad, still can't get in. Tried several times, no love. Closed the Safari window as well. I've had just about enough of this improvements to security stuff. I'll try again tomorrow when I'm not quite so grumpy
  14. I'm on my PC now. Seems to be working fine. Security question stuff got me through. Thanks Mike, I think we are golden for now
  15. I actually use Chrome on the ipad. I was able to login to the account security with my password the last time I tried it. I changed the security questions and answers. I'll go try logging in to the account from the other machines again and see what happens