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Found 10 results

  1. So I am going to start a leather interior trim thread. I bought the pieces from Interior Innovations and thought it might be helpful to document how I went about the install So I've been procrastinating on this a little bit. The factory vinyl laps up onto the luggage panel a little bit, I believe. I thought that would be hard to do with the leather thickness. Also it really needed to be shifted as far forward as possible to line up well with the parking brake and get under the fire wall mat. There was one set of marks for the seat rib. I will cut these nice and close later I put the original console in the car. It won't be the one I use long term but it shows whats covered up Outline it with sharpie I needed to layout the hole for the parking brake. It didn't come pre-cut. So I laid the old one over the new one, snap to snap, and marked it out with a soap stone I'm thinking this will all cover up very nicely when done. The thick hem on the firewall leather will help conceal everything. So I set the tunnel piece all the way to the fire wall but no extra It does lap over some of the center console brackets. So it will probably have to be trimmed there when I get to console install I didn't like this part. Taking the knife to your leather that came half way around the world!! I was going to trace some of the areas with the sewing machine to prevent the diamond stitching from raveling in the areas that I have to cut but I opted for a little super glue on each end instead I sprayed the rear top of the tunnel with Dan Tack. I also sprayed the corresponding area on the leather. I let it tack down pretty good. It sticks like mad! I tried to adjust it behind that brake leather but it was just tearing the jute all up with it. If I had not let it tack so much it would probably be a little more adjustable.
  2. I recently came into a few sets of these old rocker panels that they used on the old Datsuns in the 70's and 80's. I purchased them from a company going out of business. These are original from the 70's, not reproduction. My pics will show that they are in almost perfect condition, probably still could use a good cleaning. They are approximately 3" x 6 feet. They are solid aluminum, they need to be cut to fit whatever car you have, as they were done the same way in the 70's. Shipping on these is going to be about $50 in order to protect them properly in a PVC pipe during shipping. Colors I have: Solid Brite Aluminum Solid Black Black and Silver Gold (kit is already cut into some pieces - Ask me for pics if interested) I don't think these are available anywhere. $150 for a set of 2 matching pcs. Once these are gone, I would say they are gone forever
  3. View Advert OEM 240Z/260Z/280Z and miscellaneous radio parts One OEM S30 radio control knob Two matching OEM S30 chrome plated S30 radio knob trim rings Two knobs (unknown make/model) One radio tuning/trim ring (unknown make/model) Will consider reasonable offers. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Will be happy to meet locally or have a local member examine these in person prior to purchase. Willing to ship to the lower 48 for $3.00 flat rate; all other locations please contact me to discuss shipping. Advertiser mlaw7 Date 06/22/2020 Price Category Parts for Sale  
  4. View Advert 1977-78 280Z OEM AM/FM radio faceplate w/shielding plate Clearing out the last of my S30 parts. OEM 1977-78 280Z AM/FM stereo radio face plate with matching OEM shielding plate. Some light scuffing but in overall excellent vintage condition as seen in the photos. No cracks! To the best of my knowledge this is designed for 1977-78 280Z series AM/FM radios with the vertical antenna switch. Will consider reasonable offers. Please contact me with any questions. Will be happy to meet locally or have a local member examine these in person prior to purchase. Willing to ship well packaged to the lower 48 for $5.00 flat rate; all other locations please contact me to discuss shipping. Advertiser mlaw7 Date 06/22/2020 Price Category Parts for Sale  
  5. View Advert Inner door sill vinyl trim wanted for '70 240Z Wanted: for 240Z a pair (L & R) of inner door sill vinyl trims, in black only. This is the vinyl trim that's attached to the inner door opening sills. They are attached to the body sills, right beside the seats. Attached is a photo of some aftermarket vinyl trims, but I would prefer to get a pair (L & R) of original vinyl trims. These usually come off easily with a hair dryer or a heat gun set to low heat. Prefer a L and R set in excellent condition, but will consider a good single, maybe with small glitches, if you have one. Glad to add your cost to ship to the payment. Advertiser M3333hp Date 07/01/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1970 Model 240Z
  6. I am trying to remove front bumper and valance on my 1978 280z to make way for a new air dam. I am stuck removing the valance. I got all of the obvious bolts out, but there are 2 issues: The side fender and valance appear to be "fused" together? The last few bolts have some kind of gunk/material that is nearly hard as rock stuck on them and I can't get to the bolts. I thought the valance was 3 pieces. It looks like where the middle and side piece attach, there is a ton of gunk around the bolt that holds them together. WTF is this stuff? 2nd pic is zoomed in on area of first pic: Secondly, why do the fender and valance appear to be fused together at the seam? I didn't really want to take a screwdriver and hack at it... also, behind the valance in the 2nd pic below is another bolt that has a ton of gunk. No way I can get a socket or wrench around it. Any tips for getting these last few pieces out?
  7. Has anybody tried these? Are they any different from the generic moulded-vinyl stick-on strips available at parts stores? Since the original accent strip is heat-embossed to the door card vinyl and thus not removable, I'm having difficulty visualizing how that kind of stick-on strip (has a flat mounting surface) can be installed on top of the original strip without it sitting way too high. I'm hoping that these might, instead, have a 'U' cross-section so that they fit as a cap over the original strip.
  8. As near as I can understand it, the conventional wisdom is that there are only two versions of the choke knob for the 240Z: an early, rounded version and a later, more square-ish version (the knob in the 260Z had a more slender design than either of the 240's, and I guess the fuel-injected 280Z didn't have a choke knob at all). In all of the many pictures that I've seen of the 240 choke knob, never does the design include the script, 'CHOKE' in addition to the icon. My small assortment of choke knobs (see photo) includes these three items: right - a new, later-style knob left - two used-condition knobs of an unknown origin, both of which include both script and icon. The two mystery items are slightly asymmetric in design, but not to the same extent as the no-script 'round' and. They each came with identical slot-head set screws that fit nicely into the recess on the leg. The thread diameter measures as 3.0mm. However, I don't know whether they actually belong to the mystery knobs or not. One final note: The mystery knobs fit well on the metal S30 choke lever in two respects: 1) the slot for the lever is the correct width and depth, and; 2) the set-screw hole in the plastic knob lines up with the set-screw hole in the metal lever. In a third respect, the fit of the mystery knob is off a bit: without the set screw in place, they rock a little, fore-aft, when fitted onto the lever. So: Does anyone know where these two knobs come from? They match the known S30 knobs' graphic quite well and the set-screw location is spot-on. In shape, they seem to be halfway between the 'early' and 'later' S30 designs. Maybe they came from a Datsun Roadster or a truck?
  9. I want to restore some parts I have, including an automatic shift plate, and I'm wondering if anyone here knows the best way to repaint the silver, rectangular outline on the shift plate. I know there was also chrome paint used on many of the panels (like the console choke plate), so I want to know where to buy this type of paint and what brushes/painting tools I will need to make this look professional. Any ideas?
  10. I am having body work and a complete repaint done in my 1970 240z. I have purchased all new trim, weatherstripping and emblems. However, the emblems (which are all from Nissan) are all plastic, but the originals are metal. Will I decrease the value of my restoration by putting these plastic replacement emblems on the car? The original emblems are not damaged, but are missing some paint and the chrome is faded. Any thoughts? Keith
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