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Found 12 results

  1. I have 1976 280Z w/ Rebello 3L L28 with Jenvey ITB's. Makes 325 hp. Took car to to first track day since engine install Monday. When tank gets to about 1/2 full, fuel sloshes away from fuel pick up in bottom tank causing engine to stumble. I'm using stock tank with original pickup and returns going to Airtex high flow fuel pump mounted on modified stock fuel pump bracket and stock fuel lines to fuel filter. Has anyone else had similar problem or solution? This is primarily a street driven car with occasional track days and autocross events. I really don't want to chop up and install fuel cell.
  2. My tank leaks. Not sure if i will be able to get it fixed or if i have to have one built. History: current tank is aluminum rectangle type custom with no sending unit. whether i fix or build i want sending unit. but from what i have heard the 1970 240z sending is 90-10 ohms. Problems: 1-Tank does not have sender so hence no sender retainer to attach the retaining ring for use with the original sender. 2-cant find a retainer to weld to the tank so that the original sender can be used. 3-Might not have enough room for fuel sender arm and may have to use vertical; tube or uncovered. 4-all aftermarket ones are 0-90 or 70-10 or some other ohms but none are 90-10 and readily available Questions: 1-Does the gauge for the 240z fuel level need a 90-10? 2-Can i use a 0-90 and what would that do since it is reversed the ranges are different? If anyone has answers I sure would appreciate including possible alternatives or where to obtain a 90-10. I need to find out asap to either repair or order custom tank. THanks.....
  3. I am new to the forum and new to Zs. Please be gentle. My 1975 Z very likely has a rusty fuel tank and filter. Tried dropping the tank yesterday (with a broken right arm, in a cast, in the cold) so I could send it out for restoration. My nephew and I were unsuccessful in disconnecting the wires from the tank/sending unit. Is there a trick to disconnecting the female plastic part (to the sending unit) from the male rubber part (to the power supply)? Does it pull apart with force or does it require an intermediate step?
  4. I made a very frustrating discovery this weekend. I've been working hard to get my 280z to the point where I could fire the engine. Saturday was the day. I managed to download my ignition parameters to my XDi2 pretty easily which was a treat since I was expecting it to be difficult. So I put power to the fuel pump and couldn't get any pressure. That was not an area I was expecting trouble. After a lot of cussing and some trial and error I found that the fuel pickup from the tank was plugged. Man did a light go off in my head! I had to do a LOT of work on that tank including patching it and lining it. Should've blown out the pickups before the liner dried... So my tanks probably ruined. Can anyone suggest a method for unplugging those lines? I haven't been able to find a small diameter snake and I doubt it could make the 90 degree pend in the pickup anyway. Now assuming the tank is a write off... I've never been real confident about this tank because I did have to weld on it and I'm not a very good welder. So a few months ago I chanced upon a '76 280z tank in fairly decent condition and knowing how hard they are to find I snatched it up. The tank is solid but has a lot of rust inside. No pitting, but It needs to be cleaned. That I can do, but I'm a little nervous about coating it for the obvious reason. If the tank cleans up nice and doesn't leak, does it need to be coated?
  5. Hi everyone I'm currently restoring a '75 280z and am running into some problems with cleaning the gas tank. I've tried cleaning it with acetone and some bb's but for some reason I believe the fuel hose outlet is still clogged. Ive tried compressed air and pouring acetone directly into the pipe but cannot seem to get anything through it. This is my first restoration and Im faily new to the whole process is there any suggestions sort of taking it to a radiator shop or buying a new tank that I could try. Thanks!
  6. Things are rolling pretty quickly with my 72 240z restoration. I purchased it three weeks ago, and I've been hitting it hard trying to take advantage of the abnormally warm winter weather and complete as much mechanical progress as possible. The vehicle has a small gas tank (that is hooked up) that the p/o put in the hatch area, and threw in the original gas tank in the back for me when I purchased it. Today I took a closer look at it. I've seen numerous opinions here- take it apart and sandblast it and then weld it back together, have it acid dipped, or replace. From Marine Clean and POR 15 kits, I've looked at a lot of options. My only two options are to buy another one, or try to repair (no acid dipping that is within 3 hours.) Question is... is it salvageable? Any advice is appreciated!
  7. All: Here are a few photos of my recent gas tank restoration. My tank was a real wreck with severe rust pitting where the mounting straps went. You could see daylight when looking through the filler neck. Try as I might I couldn't find a suitable replacement. That left me no choice but to weld on patches. Welding on a gas tank isn't exactly a good idea so you can imagine I was pretty nervous. To prepare the tank I cleaned it up, rinsed it several times, blew a lot of compressed air through it and then filled it with argon. Everything went well and I didn't blow up. I will be lining the tank prior to installation. Enjoy the pictures!
  8. I discovered that the previous owner of my 1972 240Z replaced the gas tank with the wrong one,and am in need of the original . Does anyone have any ideas ,or better still, one for sale ?
  9. Does anyone know whether there were differences in fuel tanks during the manufacture run of the 240z? Specifically, are the 72 and 73 tanks the same?
  10. Quick question, does filling the fuel tank to totally full serve as a reliable test to determine if the pick fuel pick up lines are working or in need of repair. Thanks zdude1967
  11. JDM-car-parts.com is offering this http://jdm-car-parts.com/item-for-sale/z432-z432r-fairlady-z-flat-panel/. They're not offering a fuel tank to mach, but the tank doesn't look too difficult to replicate as it seems to be constructed from two end plates and a piece of sheetmetal wrapped around. This is a picture Kats posted,thanks Kats! I assume the hight and dept of the fuel tank to be the same as the standarad 60 liter tank so the dimensions are somewhat easy to estimate. It would be nice to know the correct measurements though. If you have any information on, or pictures of the tank, please post them! Best regards, Peter
  12. Took the fuel tank out of my '73 240z on Saturday to get it boiled out. When I fill up the tank I would get a very strong gas smell, so I know I have a leak. Also, a couple of weeks ago when I went to get it started, I found that I had to blow out the fuel lines to get fuel to flow. I assume I had some debris in the lines. After taking the tank off, I'm convinced the leak was a hose and not the tank itself. When I lowered the tank to get at the hidden hoses, the hidden hoses ripped in half! I guess they were a little tired.. I drained the tank and didn't find much in the tank. The picture shows some debris, but I think most of it is dirt from the outside of the tank. Another strange thing - when I took off the passenger side interior panel, there was a bunch of fiberglass insulation stuffed in there. Is that normal? Seems to me that would just absorb moisture and promote rust.. I've read people complaining that the filler tube is a pain to remove. Mine looks fine, and seems sturdy. What are my chances that I can just leave that in? Then I won't have to wait for the part to be delivered (if I can even order one..).
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