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Found 47 results

  1. 119 downloads

    EFI Book 1980


  2. The car was purchased new by my Mom from a Connecticut Nissan dealer in 1982. It has been in our family ever since! Garaged since day one. Around 105k miles on it. Silver, t-tops, grey cloth interior, automatic. Few small rust spots up around the front wheel wells. Would love to keep it but it's just not being used enough anymore and we really want the garage spot available for our other daily-use car. Car is located in Rhode Island. Looking to sell as soon as possible. Don't have pictures currently (car is in Rhode Island and I'm living in NYC)...but can get pictures to any interested buyers. Don't really have a price in mind--really just want to make sure that it goes to someone who appreciates the car and will keep it on the road. Alternative for us is to donate it (little headache in doing this)...but really want to give this a try first.
  3. Just had someone post a very clean 1983 on DatsunClassifieds.com http://www.datsunclassifieds.com/autos/z/stunning-original-1983-280zx-10-000.00-wyoming-united-states-4573.html
  4. Hi, I have read through and followed the http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/distributor/index.html instructions numerous times for upgrading the distributor to a 280zx on a 240z and have not been able to get my tach to work at all. I have a 3 ohm coil, 280zx distributor and the car is an 11/70 240z (note that the majority of the instructions are for a 280z). I have spliced the blue/white and the green/white wires together from the harness. The thick black/white tach wire is to the postitive side of the coil and the black wire is to the negative. The black wire from the harness is to the distributor box and there is a new wire going from the positive end of the coil to the distributor box as well. Pictures attached so you can see what I did. What happens to the orange(yellow?) lead from the harness? Did I miss something or can someone weigh in on why my tach isn't working?
  5. hi all, i replaced the stock 280zx distributor by ( Mallory ) p/n 4563901. after connecting wires the car wont start. i noticed there is a spark going to the plugs but no signal going to the injectors!!! any help , drwaing, appreciated. note, mallory wires ( red - green- brown) , the brown wire lookl ike the ground. do i need to put adapter in between the mallory and the coil?? i heared the GM adapter is ok !! is this true please help payusup@hotmail.com thx
  6. 167 downloads

    1979 280zx Factory Service Manual


  7. The charge light is on in my 280zx and the things that are listed in the title are not working. I replaced the alternator with a known working one I had on hand but that didn't fix it. We've checked the fuse panel and none of those accessories are getting any power to them and we noticed that they are running from the same wire. We looked it up in the wiring diagram and it goes back to a circuit breaker but it doesn't say where the circuit breaker is. If anyone has any ideas where this circuit breaker is and any other possible causes for the issue I would love to hear them. Thanks in advance, Ben. Also, by electrical gauges I mean the secondary 1/4 tank fuel gauge, the tachometer, and the boost gauge.
  8. I know there are similar threads but none that deal with my specific trans and I would really like to be sure before starting. So I've gathered from reading other posts that the transmission should bolt right in but I'm unsure about all of the extra wire ports that seem to be on the 83' trans. Can they be left in connected? And is there anyway I can tell if this transmission is from a turbo or non turbo version (I hear the non turbo is better) any feedback would be great will post a pic if that will help expedite the process
  9. Hello folks, I recently bought a 1981 280zx turbo and it runs fantastic, however I have run into some electrical problems. The blinkers stopped working and I had 3 dash lights always on (Fuel, Door, and Brake). There was also a buzzing noise coming from a relay under the passenger side dash. I have no idea what relay it is, however when i disconnected it the buzzing goes away and the 3 lights turn off. Now when I engage either side of the blinker, the blinker relay behind the steering wheels buzzes away and they still do not work. Also, when I put the car in reverse the 3 dash warning lights turn back on. Does anybody have any idea what this could be and am I going to have to take out the dash and check all connections to all the relays? Any help would be much appreciated!
  10. Hey guys. I know I haven't been on a awhile but its because I have been busy restoring my Z. I finally got all my body work and painting done but I've ran into a problem. I cant find any 10th anniversary wreath decals for my car. I was hoping some of you guys knew where i can find some, or if i can get a good picture of them with the dimensions. I think i could find someone that could make me some if i could just get a good picture and the dimensions. i will post pictures soon of the whole restore process. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi! My name is Jordan, I'm obviously new here. I own a 1979 280zx (sweet 16 birthday present). My car is a work in progress and I am very excited about sharing the story with other Classic Z owners. I actually have quite a history with Z cars for teenager. My mother was actually in a commercial for the 280zx! How cool?! Also my brother owns a 10th Anniversary 280zx (Known as superj243), that I have helped him work on a lot. So I kinda-somewhat-not-really know what I'm doing haha. So I am very aware of how lucky I am. I got my car running about 3 days ago, But still a lot of problems with it. So please, don't be afraid to email or message me any tips or tricks that you think I should know. I'll be very Interested! Check out the photos of my car on my profile!
  12. I just bought a used turbo off of craigslist for about $150 and was curious if this was a good price for this part. I purchased it for a project 82 280zx with a not working turbo and was curious if this was a good deal?
  13. does anyone know where can i get the weatherstrip for my zx?
  14. So I bought a 77 (made in 76) 280z that was dead and stuck the engine/transmission from a 79 280zx 2+2 into it, the thing is, its always had an issue where it would idle really low at a rest,more so when warm, around 500, when i have the idle set to around 1600 when hot just to combat this problem. Anyway i figure out it was most likely the MAF so i ripped it out, cleaned it up, put it back in, and it was working almost perfect for awhile, but now it seems to have died completely. The point of this post is; it never did really work quite right, and my zx engine is slightly different from that of the 76 i put it in, so which MAF do i buy? Will one for a 79zx work better than one for a 76z, or will it even be compatible with the 76's computer?
  15. My name's jonathon, i'm 20 years old, i enjoy learning as much as i can about everything, i absolutely love Z cars. i'm a caring southern boy but i live in the northwest US and people think i belong down in Louisiana, or in a corn field. I'm good at welding, shooting, driving, cooking, and debating. i like to talk about politics as well but since this is a Z car forum i'll stick to Z's for the most part. Almost forgot to mention my Z right now is a 1982 280zx NA 2+2.
  16. b1oodthirst

    Muffler Help

    So basically my problem is ; i bought a Bosal Exhaust from Advance auto parts that looks like this . I can't seem to snake the muffler through since it's in one piece, i'm wondering if i have to dismantle the rear suspension, which seems like a lot of work to do to install an exhaust system. Please, if you have any knowledge or help, let me know! p.s this is my first z car, and the first car i've done manual repairs on, so i'm in the dark about a lot of things.
  17. Hello, My alternator has an external regulator and I was wondering if i could convert it to an alternator with and internal regulator ? If I can is there a major benefit to the conversion. I have done alot of research with the local auto parts dealers and some of them say that a 1979 280zx 2+2 is suppose to have an internal regulator and some say external. I have owned the car since it was new and i am under the impression that the Factory knows best but I wanted to make sure. also Could someone give me the proper procedure for removing the alternator. My car has been garaged for the last five years and I have misplaced my Chilton's manual. Any Words of Wisdom would be Greatly Appreciated Thank You, Candice
  18. Hello everyone I am needing a 1982 280zx turbo AFM, wire loom and ecu. I have a 1975 280z that has an '82 turbo transplant. Problem is that the air to fuel ratio gets lean at higher rpm's. Which is why my pistons are melting and broken:tapemouth. So I figure this may be the best solution, unless someone here has a better idea with what I have to work with. Note, I have not look hard into mega squirt yet. but lets start here first. Thanks. Big Al.
  19. Whats up forum, New guy here, Forgive me if this is a little bit long, but I figure the more you know about the situation, the more you can help me if you want to. I need some help with my '82 Datsun/nissan 280zx. Today I was driving it through town. "leisure fun drive" I heard a back fire, and the engine quit. I couldnt get it to restart. The starter will crank the engine like its supposed to, I can hear the fuel pump going, No start. During the investigation process trying to rule out what went wrong, here are the steps I went through. Checked fuel pump-it works, checked fuses (the ones I could find - All check out ok). In car and under hood. Checked to see if I even had a spark running to the plugs. I even stuck my finger in a plug wire and didnt even get as much as a static shock from it. Ok, on to next, checked the wire from coil to distributor, No shock/spark at all. Disconnected Coil, bought new one (what are the ods of breaking down next to an autozone) Put new coil in, Connected properly, hooked it all up. annnnddd Nothin. Exchanged for another coil. Still no spark/shock Further investigating checking for maybe a broken wire. I can get a spark off of both wires that provide power to the Coil when I turn the key to the on position and brush the end of the wire against the frame, but nothing goes beyond the coil. as if all electrical power needed to start the engine, Stops at the coil. When giving up and decided to push my car the rest of the way home, I discovered I have No headlights at all. So, I have no headlights, and no power going beyond the coil. The Breaklights work, running lights, e-lights, turnsignals, radio, Internal lights, Light under the hood works. its kinda like an EMP failed at killing my car entirely. you guys can e-mail me, or call me 5053536846 Anything you can offer to help me getting my fun car to run again would be GREATLY appreciated. Its my only car, I've had it for 3 1/2 years. I saved its life from a salvage yard (they were gonna crush it if I didnt take it home) its been one helluva reliable car, Great fuel economy, Fun to drive, and I've never had a problem with this car. Its always taken me from point A to point B with no problems. this is a first.
  20. So i just bought this 1983 280ZX turbo and my brake lights are not working. the bulbs are fine because they come on when i turn on my running lights, but when i press the brakes they do not light up as they should. Im a newb when it comes to working on cars, especially Z's. but i want to learn everything about this car in and out. hopefully somebody can help me out with this issue. Thank you, Andy
  21. Hey I have a 240z and I'm putting a L28 280z engine in it on saturday. Though I like that I have finally got an engine that will make my car run. I would someday like to put a 280zx turbo engine in it. Does anyone know what the 0-60 times and 1/4 times are for a 240z with a 280zx turbo in it? I have read that a 280zx turbo could do 0-60 in 7.0 sec, but i assume that with an engine from that in a car that weighs around 500lbs less would go faster.
  22. Hey all, Just thought i'd give alil shout out. I think i'm the newest member I bought a 280zx last weekend and I'm just fixing it up/getting it ready to drive. Not bad for a first car ay. Mines a 280zx auto in white. Up until the failed roadworthy i thought my car was in awesome condition, i still think it is XD. So yea thats about it. Awesome to be a member, and im already joined through facebook aswell Thanx all ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just found out its got some major rust... unfixable stuff underneath, my father+his panel beater mate told me to sell it. i dont know what to do, Fell in love with it and already gotta go.. Cheers all
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