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  1. The Conquest tranny will bolt to the Maxima bell housing.
  2. The DZ 302 is very rare and expensive. The last time I saw on they wanted over $2k for the bare block!
  3. It could be cracked anywhere in the water jackets I guess. It hasn't been overheated,it has only been driven in his yard after installing the rebuilt motor but he didn't put antifreeze in it or drain it. That's why I was asking since I saw no water to outside. Thought it might not have hurt the block.
  4. Thanks Tom. I have access to another Z for parts so the head would be no prob. I am toying with a 5.0 swap or a Grand National turbo V6(got a complete one)
  5. Where would the block be cracked if water froze? I am assuming the pass side but none are visible,all freeze plugs(new) look good and in place. #3 cyl had water in it. There was water in #3 cyl. Could it possibly cracked the head and not the block?
  6. Just brought #16 home sat. It's my 1st....2+2 that is! It has a brand new engine only fired after installation and driven in the yard. He had plain water in it and now has water in 1 cyl and they took the threads right out of that plug hole removing the plug!
  7. I saw a built to the hilt turbo 6 in a 69/70 GS. It was bad arse! I just can't find it. I know it was tubbed and pullin the front skinnies pretty good.
  8. I have had it since 92 and finally decided to build it. Got ported heads,TE61 turbo,billet main caps,align bored,forged pistons,balanced. It should make 500+hp to the tire.
  9. CHIT-CHAT FORUMS > Open General Discussions Well,since there are people here who don't do anything but Z's 24/7 I will refrain from posting about anything else. Sorry my interests are a little broader. Have a nice day! "Besides, my watermellon has more horsepower than your buick!" If so you have a but load of $'s in it,betcha I have more torque.
  10. Thats why I posted it in chit chat. Guess ya'll won't like it when I put the extra buick motor in a future Z either. What's with the watermellon comment for?
  11. Took a year but it's in the short rows now!
  12. Anyone ever seen/had these? They were mesh like 88-90 Trans Am GTA wheels.
  13. One 260 that was a heap of parts I bought just for the Cartech 4bbl setup and the 83zx engine. One 83ZX turbo I traded my yellow 78 auto w/cold ac for . All the rest were 75-78 280. Some I owned 2 or 3 times so I really had 12 different ones. One thing I learned is the fuel inj is a finicky SOB. Lots easier to carb it sometime :stupid:
  14. Does anyone make new gas tanks yet?
  15. Hi everybody. New to this site but have owned 15 Z's since my first one('75)in 87. Just can't stop messing with them!
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