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  1. he's trying to get $14,000 for it. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/car/179228557.html
  2. 1976 280z with exactly 100k (at least that's what the previous owner told me).
  3. http://www.craigslist.org/sfc/car/132691849.html I wish I had $800. Maybe I can sell my 280 and get this one.
  4. What a deal! Why couldn't I find something like that when I was looking. I had to settle for my 76 280z for $1000. I love my 280, even though I really wanted a 240.
  5. I am not a personal injury attorney (I practice probate and conservatorships), but I think you should still consult an attorney for your injuries. You may have sustained permanent injuries to your hand, which entitles you to pain and suffering. In terms of the car, you should let your insurance handle it. That's the reason why we all pay insurance premiums. I would collect any and all receipts you have showing your investments in the car.
  6. for your help. I will take a look at Motorsport and see if there is one I like.
  7. Does anyone know who makes this particular model/style?
  8. Thank you for the quick responses. Wayne, The car is not a daily driver; maybe weekly driver. The gas gauge is not reading incorrectly, it doesn't read at all. Whether the tank is full or empty, the needle stays on empty.
  9. but bought one anyways. I am picking up a 76 280z this weekend. Everything looks to be original, including the faded 305 blue paint. The owner told me that the gas gauge is not working. Should I be concerned? Will it be hard to fix? Thanks in advance for any responses. I love this site and am glad to be a part of it.
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