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  1. silent

    California Car Wash

    hmmmm. You're missing the most important part... The Z!
  2. Anyone ever read/heard of a 280z/zx running a VG30DETT? If so, what needed to be done to stick the engine in?
  3. I am trying to be money conscious and learn how to work on cars (in all aspects). I might attempt to reupholster my 280zx, but I am not sure where to start. All I need to work on is the headliner (I ripped mine out), and the whole rear area near the hatchback (sides mostly). I've never done it before and it doesn't seem to be too difficult, but I've been told it is better to visit a professional and pony up the dough than to f*** up. I just don't seem to be happy by the fact that reupholstering my car professionaly will cost somewhere around 700-1500 dollars. Do any of you guys know any books, websites or people that I could talk to? Would any of you be willing to take the time to write out tips/how to's on the subject? Any help would be much appreciated. So far, this car has become a very fun project, and I would really like the interior to be apart of it. Much Appreciated!
  4. I guess it does seem to be that easy. I can only hope that it will be. I'll ask another question when the time comes. Thanks for replying. Also, how difficult was wiring your system? Did you have to take the car apart at all (lift carpet and such)? Sorry, but when it comes to wiring and cars in general... I'm dumbass.
  5. I checked the forums but couldn't find one that would help desribe how to install a cd reciever. I'm just curious how any of you guys did it. I've seen pictures and people claim that they did the work themselves. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. p.s. I have a typical cd reciever... if that helps.
  6. silent


    Wow, what a nice asshole.
  7. I'm very new to cars, but here are a couple of things i've encountered: Perhaps you got water/moisture inside the distributor cap. Any water in there, no matter how small, can make your car sound like crap. Also, seeing as your car is fuel injected, that means it has a computer, something that the Zs were known for pioneering. My car sounded like $^!# and sputtered severely until my mechanic told me that the temp sensor was fried and sending wrong information to the computer. Basically, any sensor could be messed up (O2 sensor, temp sensor etc). After he replaced the sensor, the car worked like a charm. It may also be wise to check for any loose hoses (vacuum hoses, fuel lines) and there's a possability that your injectors don't work like they should anymore. I hope I may have provided any help to you.
  8. (a little background on my zx...It's a 1979 fuel-injected 280zx stock. The car sat for 10 years before I was given it. I took it to a mechanic who replaced the gas tank, fuel pump, radiator, spark plugs, wires and clutch (he cleaned the injectors). I paid 4500 bucks for everything... and now my car won't work. Shitty deal!) I was driving my zx after work. Car was moderately cold and after about 3 minutes of driving the car simply shut off while I was driving. (I was at high rpms while I was driving it. I was screwing around with a friend in a parking lot. Pretty damn stupid thing to do when a car is cold, especially an old car.) I pulled off to the side of the road and tried to start it but it wouldn't give. From what I could hear, the engine wasn't recieving any fuel. It never caught, or choked on any gas at all. (electrically the car is perfect, it turns over just fine.) After the car wouldn't start, I lifted the hood and I heard a hissing noise. It sounded like air was escaping from somewhere. The next day the damn thing started, but it sounded like $^!#. The rpms were at 250 and the car sounded like it was going to die on me. I revved the engine around 6000 rpms and a ton of black smoke came pouring out the exhaust. - I don't imagine this is a good thing. Also, after this the car wouldn't start again. When I waited 10 minutes, the car started. After I shut the car down it seemed like I'd have to wait 10 minutes before I could restart it. A friend of mine said it could be a cracked piston or blown headgasket..., my tow truck operator says it sounds like a screwed up timing belt, my dad says it sounds like a fuel pump/injector problem and my mechanic says the hissing sounds like a vacuum problem. I don't know much of anything about cars and I don't have the money to fix the car right now, but maybe one of you guys has had the same problem and could tell me what's wrong, or at least what you think is wrong. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks. And man, this sucks
  9. I just fixed up a 280zx that sat for 10 years. it works beautifully! but the radiator needs to be replaced according to my mechanic. he also mentioned that these cars tend to overheat too much. Would a new radiator fix my overheating problem, or do I need something else? If I haven't explained enough to help you out, please mention so.
  10. Hello all, I would like to know the stock width and wheel diameter of the tires used on a 1979 280zx. Thanks a lot for anyone who replies. EDIT: Also, does anyone know the bolt patter for the wheels of a 280zx?
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