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  1. TBK1

    Ignition Guru's

    pretty sure its not the ign switch, now thinking possible shorted pickup in dizzy, isnt that the only thing that triggers spark???
  2. TBK1

    Ignition Guru's

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- guys looking a a 78 for this girl, unknownn how long since it has run, said it started with fuel leaks and just let it sit for a long time. Anyway this has got me a bit puzzled, when you turn the key on and crank engine wont start, very weak spark but when you let off the cranking the ign continues to fire non stop until you turn key all the way to the off position, you can even here it inside the cap buzzing!!! If you pull the cap and watch it has a strong continuos spark between coil wire tip (center electrode and one of the plug electrodes, any clues here??
  3. behind the metal bracket where the fuseable links are or someone has done the internal reg mod! all 77's still had the ext reg!
  4. also upstatezclub here in greenville area
  5. got them on my 280 and 300TT awesome tires, stick great!
  6. That would be meeee!!!!!!!!! And I do have a set of trip dcoe40's and cannon mani and link that I would part with, they need rebuilt , new gaskets and things, had a small quick fire , but nothing got hurt, just a little blackend, Insurance bought me new set, of course no horns with them now!
  7. Her you go, a bit pricecy but they have them http://www.blackdragonauto.com/icatalog/z/0100.asp
  8. I think Mikuni's but havent any experience with them .
  9. IMHO dont feel the Quality workmanship is there anymore
  10. The first set sent was defective, redline just tried the run around, but rich from msa took care of it! I would not go with webers again though!!
  11. The FI relay under the dash can also cause this!!
  12. Whats this! 65 views and no comments!!
  13. Might want to check the condition AND Tighness off all 4 fusable links , they can cause a similiar problem
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