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Seat color help


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So early on after acquiring my 77’ I replaced the seat covers that were a disaster. I purchased some replacement covers from EBay before doing much research. Ebay covers color was wayyyy off of course, so when I was living in CA I had a local shop try to match a Vinyl paint to my door panels. I painted the covers but it has never been a decent match, any suggestions on maybe another vinyl paint color to try or the correct seat covers?

(image of my interior should be attached below)


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1 hour ago, FresnoZ said:

any suggestions on maybe another vinyl paint color to try or the correct seat covers?

I used a small, specialty paint supplier who mixed up a custom batch of vinyl paint using a small swatch of my car's seat vinyl as the basis for the colour blend.  The resulting colour match was perfect and the application (standard HVLP gun) was trouble-free.   I did this job five years ago and the vinyl paint still looks as good as when first applied.  The paint specialist (Parasol) is based in Toronto, Canada.  You should be able to find a similar supplier in the U.S. south-east.  Try looking for boat upholstery specialists. 

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Thanks @SteveJ !
Seems to be a difficult replacement cover color to locate. From the other 77’s I’ve seen the color almost looks more of a dark brown compared to door cards that have a orange tint.

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@Namerow thanks for that! Any idea if Datsun always matched seat color to door card card color?

For whatever reason, anytime I’ve seen a 77’ with the brown interior, the seat color looks slightly off from door cards. I’m probably making this more difficult than I should haha

I will probably just get a sample off the back of my door card and send it out to be matched.

thanks again!

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15 minutes ago, FresnoZ said:

Hey @SteveJjust checked out your blog. Love all the Z content from out in this area! Was your 260 at Zcon Birmingham by chance? Looks incredibly familiar ✌️

Thank you. I'm fortunate to live in a Z oasis in the Southeast. Yes, the 260Z was at Birmingham. I drove it out to Barber for Parade Laps & to watch autocross, and I took it to Little Talladega to shoot photos and video for the second track day. I had it at the People's Choice show, too. It was parked next to the blue 280Z with the RB swap.

My car is on the bottom row in the middle, just above the ZCCA logo..

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'z CAR CLUB ASSOCIATION C N'

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So awesome! Realized I’ve watched quite a few of your YouTube videos over the years.

I just moved out to Knoxville Tn from central Ca mid June. Drove all the way with a 16’ Penske with the Z on a trailer and my fam in our Highlander it was quite the move to say the least.

Trailered the 280 to Zcon for the peoples choice Saturday just to be apart. What a good time! Bummer it’s in Cali next year, maybe it will be an excuse to visit family.

Well maybe we will meet in person one day, and thanks again for the help!


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Several good excuses to come down to the Atlanta area in your Z:

The Mitty - Vintage racing weekend at Road Atlanta on the last weekend in April https://hsrrace.com/themitty2022/

Fall Historics - More HSR vintage racing at Road Atlanta https://hsrrace.com/fallhistorics2022/

Z Nationals - I usually just go to the track day on Friday when the show is at Z1 Motorsports. With their expansion, they don't have space on their grounds for more cars. This year track day is at Atlanta Motorsports Park. https://www.znationals.com/

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