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  1. Its been a long day sorry I have the lines at the warning block going to the correct MC locations.
  2. I will give that a try. I rebuilt all four calipers last summer at the same time. This one thought I did not do a good job and decided to leak. I will let you know how the MC goes. Thanks
  3. This was a long time ago are you still out there?

  4. 1970 240Z Front brakes are good no air in the system (toyota 4piston). Back: Nissan Maxima disk. Had to rebuild driver side rear due to leak. Went to bleed get no pressure to both rear calipers and not much flow. When cracking the rear bleeder, the brake pedel does not go to the floor it stays the same. When Bleeding the front it does go to the floor. Got some people helping me out and this is what we think might be going on. 1. porportioning valve locked out the rear when it was leeking. I have opened the electrical part on the top to get a look at the valve. Not sure what way it should be, at this point the small diameter part is at the firewall and the larger is just in view at the front. 2. Front part of the master cyl not working (1980 280zx master) on the 280zx it is opposite the original 1970 master cyl. So the front feeds the rear brakes. Tryed to bleed the front to push the valve back in place. Did't work. Could have hydralic lock working against the rear keeping the fluid locked out of the rear. I don't have the diagram of the distribution valve to see how the lock out part works. All my books in storage. At this point I only have front brakes. Anybody run into this before? Need some help/suggestions.
  5. I had my stock 14" shelby 500 rims on and the brakes are fine
  6. I just converted my 1970 240. Toyota 4x4, 4piston calipers on the front bolt right up and the brake lines needs no mods. Rear 1986 maxima calipers with ebrake. I bought the motor sport auto set up. Was on mid ohio race track full speed (as fast as a 240 could go) great set up! got photos if you want.
  7. Andy, it's me, Bob Kroshefsky from Marysville.

  8. Powell Ohio did you get your hood from me? Are you a ZROC member?

  9. I have a 1970 240 and replacing the 4 speed with a 1982 5 speed. I picked up the trans and engine for $200. I want to rebuild the trans before I put it in. It was a non turbo engine and the # on the trans is 7328141. What trans is this? Were can I get a manual to rebuild it and a rebuild kit?
  10. Rewired car with a painless wiring kit
  11. 2008 Zdayz great time!
  12. feb 2008 first day on the road.
  13. feb 2008 first day on the road.
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