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  1. I'm very new to the Datsun world. And I need to buy fuel lines from the tank for my 1980 ZX. I've been to Zcar source and Z car depot and some others so far with no luck. What is the best web site for me to go to? I would like to get the rubber filler neck most badly.
  2. A red and black update. This Sunday I failed in getting a siphon to work to drain the tank so I just got busy and took it out. It had about 14 gallons in it and I took it to the proper disposal place. I un screwed the 8 bolts holding the sending unit in place and gently took it out. I can't see any gunk or crud in the tank. The float and everything looks clean and in proper working order.
  3. I suppose that when I turn the key to the on position the fuel pump turns on? The gas gauge is stuck at half, and I don't want to pump what ever is left in the tank up the line. What is the best way to drain the tank? My guess it that it needs to be removed and refurbished. Ideas? Procedure?
  4. I got the cap off, I just wasn't sure which position was locked or unlocked. So as soon as I knew spinning was locked I leaned on it a little bit and it came off. I also just put a battery in it and all of the electronics came right to life. Pretty cool and fun. Thanks to all.
  5. So I just an hour ago got keys for the Z. The locking gas cap just turns and clicks, but doesn't spin up and off. I must be doing something wrong. Ideas?
  6. And the individual that he directed me to has been extremely helpful, thanks a ton. To Marty I should have written the the seller thinks the mileage was around 35K she didn't really know. As for the interior the divers seat needs to be re stitched and the bolster by entry needs to be died or otherwise worked on. The the sift nob, and the part that goes around the sift boot needs attention. After that the interior is pretty mint.
  7. Well I bought this yesterday. A 1980 in original paint with mint wheels 74,000 miles last on the road in 2012. Very nice interior with some minor needs. The car appears to have been loved and garaged it's whole life. I can't be sure but I think it was under coated at the dealer. Pin stripes and anniversary decals are still very nice. A few door dings, scratches, and minor paint chips.
  8. Thanks for all of the great replies. To Racer X: I didn't post any pictures because they all show the license plate and I'm just a little paranoid of someone maybe end running me on this barn find. Honestly I've been dreaming about a barn find for 20 years. Patcon: I haven't tried Ebay but I think that is a good suggestion. I think https://bringatrailer.com/ then look in the results section is an excellent site. What I've finding out so far is that the red black is pretty rare and it does add value over the more typical cars. To Siteunseen: You suggest maybe 30,000, I
  9. I was wondering if anyone ever suggested a value for your car? Or if you found out what it was worth about?
  10. I joined here because I have the opportunity to purchase my first ever Z car. It’s a 1980 10 anniversary car in red and black with a red interior. It has 35,000 miles on it and has been sitting in a garage for about the past 11 years. I haven’t had a chance to see the car yet but from the few pictures I’ve seen it looks very solid. The car has never been hit or rusted out, tee tops with a manual transmission. I already know they only made 500 in red black. My question is what is the car worth approximately, running and driving down the road? And what is it approximately worth sitting in
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