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1980 280ZX 10 anniversary car, red black

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I'm making some progress on getting this beautiful car back on the road.  But I did make one mistake.  I had to take the gas tank out and to do so I cut the rubber filler neck, it's shaped like an elbow and connects directly to the tank.  I've been to many web sites including vintage Z car parts(they tried to help me but we came up short.)  Solid suggestions greatly appreciated.

20210517_193909 (1).jpg

20210517_195719 (1).jpg

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Lots of progress this weekend.  First off I'm told the best replacement filler neck is from Gates Auto part #24717.  This Sunday I put the fuel pick up line into a can of clean gas and put the fuel line from just before the filter into another empty can.  Then I turned the ignition to on which started the fuel pump, and pushed all of the old gas out of the line.  Then at the back of the car I put the return fuel line in a empty can and started the car.  It idled pretty good for a car that hasn't run in 10-20 years.  The motor sounded a little ticky for me but I don't know what it's suppose to sound like.   


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A valve lash adjustment probably won't hurt.  The valve trains on these cars are a little noisy when compared to modern hydraulic lifters.  Some more so than others from what it seems. 

The fuel injectors are a little noisy by nature as well.

Mine is a little noisier now that I have a header, plus my exhaust isn't totally welded up yet. 

Post a video of it idling if you can. Someone will let you know if it's abnormal.

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