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1980 280ZX 10 anniversary car, red black

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I got my 280ZX driving this past Friday, first time in somewhere from 10 to 20 years for that car.  Taking it slow and steady no more than 3000 RPM's or 60 MPH for the first 100 miles.  I'm on older tires that have no cracking, hold air and appear very new, no wear.  But I'm thinking I'll just change them out.  Question is what is the best tire size for the car?  I do want to drive the car and corner it, I don't really want the luxury touring car feel, prefer more of a sports car type of ride.  The picture is after just a garden hose wash, no waxing yet.


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You are limited tire-wise by keeping the Iron Cross wheels. With it being a black/red 10AE, I suggest keeping the stock wheels. There were only 500 made, and the original wheels will help with maintaining the value. Having said that, the Radial T/As are about as good as you'll find.

You can find Dunlop Direzzas in 14 inch but only 185/60. Using a tire size comparison website, that's about 8% smaller than stock on diameter. It might not look right in the wheel wells, and I would hesitate to drive on them in any other conditions than warm (or hot) and dry.

The Falken Azenis RT660 might work better than the Dunlops, but with the same constraints on weather. It will still be a little small for the wheel wells.

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