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  1. Im curious how it idles when you remove the center link. It's going to be that bent one in the center. Remove that piece and screw in the idle air control screws on both carbs one and a half turns from when they start to affect the butterfly's position. The linkage will visibly move. It'll rev at like 2000 so don't be worried. But see if you can bring it down to 800-700 and then use a carbsync to sync the airflow. If you can it means the linkages are messed up. If not then I'm not sure.
  2. hello! Some "progress." So... I guess I wasn't getting spark on all engines. I was getting about 3/4 cylinders max. Which is great to know cause I drove the car like that. Sweet. In a way makes sense why the front carb was always running lean while the rear carb wasn't doing much because it was the front 3 cylinders that were getting sparked. I got myself a new set of spark plug cables and put them on. Haven't had the chance to actually try the car out because its final's week. Another thing I got done was putting the original needles back on (n27). I was running m43 needles I got off a kit be
  3. 1st and 6th spark plug. Weird that I’m running rich but the engine won’t start unless I fully push down the pedal. I’m completely lost. In the mean time I’m going to get a new pair of plug cables
  4. Make sure your clutch kit is compatible with your clutch collar! You'll end up being like me when I didn't check and had to take that transmission off several times.
  5. As for the Yugo, I saw one at one of the junk yards around my area. If they would take 100$ I would've bought it.
  6. Haven't noticed a smell. Pretty sure its the engine running out of fuel. Plus I know I messed up setting the floats to 16mm and not 12/14mm. IT did run at 1500rpm for a bit. Then rpm went down and started to die. When I tried to start it back on it had little moments where the engine tried to start but didn't. I have a single point distributor and I put it at 10-12 degrees A. I've tested all 6 plugs and changed the spark plugs for all 6 cylinders.
  7. Progress: nothing. Engine won’t start. Getting spark. Probably float bowl issue. Set them at 16mm but might need to go 2 higher? Have a feeling the hoses might be bad too from the float bowl to the jet. Got some off zcardepot but I might’ve not cut them long enough. Anyone know where I can get replacements?
  8. Hahah that car reminds me of my dad’s yugo. Broke down after 200 miles from the dealer! I consider myself very lucky. I’ve been saving for a while to get one although my dad wanted me to put the money into a new car. Comes at a surprise cause he bought one when he first came to this country (280z 2+2). Where I live these’s Z have become stupidly expensive. No offense to the s30’s but they aren’t worth the money that people are asking for in the condition they are. I know a lot of “clout chasers” (fame seekers) who want these cars because “they are cool.” It’s very typical what they do next: RB
  9. I live in Huntington Beach, California. We have a lot of that HOA here although my particular neighborhood isn't HOA, a lot of people think it is just because they either lived here their whole lives or because they paid big money to live here. We also have some weird laws like if you have a non operable car in your drive way and it "makes a smell" and the neighbors complain, the city can tow the car if you don't move it. It's fair in a way but annoying when your neighbors threatens you with it. I moved it in my parents garage (I'm 20) thankfully so now I can enjoy the exhaust smell all to mys
  10. When you do check look into the carburetor. Push the piston up and use your phone to take a photo of the side or a video. Send that photo to us so we can see how the open the butterfly is.
  11. It appears to me the connecting linkage that runs parallel to the firewall from the bell crank linkage to the longer one is too short. It's keeping the linkage from laying at rest. When I get the chance I'll send a photo of how I fixed it.
  12. Bit late to the party so I'm not quite sure where you are as of right now with high idling carbs. I just recently posted about my carburetor "run away" some weeks ago. Seeing your photos of the linkages they looked too depressed. Is your linkage allowing the butterflies to fully close when you completely back off the idle air screws located on the carbs? I had that issue where my linkage was too short and causing the butterflies to be too open and cause the engine to appear to run away. Also look for vacuum leaks. Spray starter fluid everywhere and I mean everywhere. Did you make sure your int
  13. It's pretty interesting seeing each country's citizens react differently to covid. Most of my family come from Montenegro in Eastern Europe. For a long time there weren't any cases of covid in Montenegro. I believe it was the last country in Europe to report a case. Either there weren't any cases or the technological backwards Montenegrins couldn't care. According to my father who was over there during the outbreak, a family from New York came to go to a funeral in his village and gave everyone Covid. Most of my dads older friends died. Interestingly enough everyone that wore a mask didn't get
  14. Alright did some work and got some results. I had a three screw su carb butterfly assembly so I used that to replace my messed up one. Worried that this might cause an air leak on the sides of the carb because it felt slippery. Linkages should be fine because I removed all the brass pieces off the 3 screw and used the 4 screw linkage pieces. I only used the chrome piece that holds the butterfly. Set the floats to 14mm in the front and 16mm in the back. Had to set the idle air screw to 3 turns. Only way it would start. RPM rises slowly so there is an air leak somewhere. I think the is
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