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  1. ended up buying a used tank from a parts car that was still running in Fort Worth. I cleaned it up. And was able to install it today. Just need 3 more hose clamps and the fuel system is done.
  2. I was able to reinstall both half-shafts today. Pretty easy work. The gas tank may need to be replaced, the radiator shop I dropped it off at said the varnish is too gunked up. They will try one final time to clean out the tank. May need to find a new gas tank.
  3. Ok I’ve been gone for a few months. Spring time means time to start working on the Z again. good progress, I had the R200 rear end installed. Gas tank has been dropped off for cleaning.
  4. I’ll keep these comments in mind when I reinstall the sending unit.
  5. 4.5 psi for a carbureted engine. I was told fuel dampers aren’t needed for after market pumps.
  6. New fuel pump installed. Had to modify the pump mount. At any rate we bypassed the fuel dampener.
  7. New R200 with 3.94 gears being prepped for install. Another day for sure.
  8. Finally got the darn thing out.
  9. After market sway bar from what dad told me. Mounting brackets probably couldn’t support the weight.
  10. Control arms are out. Removing the rear diff crossmember the suspension sway bar gave way. Gave me bit of a fright. More repair work.
  11. Debating. I want to have this car running again by spring, but fighting the differential is taking time. Me thinks I may keep the differential in, and proceed to brakes, wheels, and engine/trans install and make the differential job for next summer.
  12. Trying to remove the half shafts from the rear differential, did not expect this to be much of a chore. Decided to liberally spray all the bolts with WD40 and try again tomorow. Sending unit has been sitting in CLR for a few days, about to scrub it down again.
  13. I plan on installing 16x8 MST wheels with 0 offset and 4.5 backspacing.
  14. Yea punch bowl is my mother’s. She has since passed away and I actually grabbed it from the rubbish outside. That is after a 3 gallon bucket filled up.
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