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  1. Both. I've received the rubber and it looks good. Anyone know how best to attached the rubber to the chrome piece?
  2. @jfa.series1: I don't understand how pop rivets work. Don't they get in the way when you put the chrome piece back on the door?
  3. I wonder how much metal I'd have to grind off to see a difference.
  4. @Patcon: I wasn't able to find the thread by searching. Could you help with a link or search string, etc? Thanks!
  5. Hmm...interesting. Thanks. I'll keep this option in mind during final assembly.
  6. I just looked at your cars. If that gap is good enough for you, it's good enough for me. Are your gap pics from a new project?
  7. @grannyknot: Thanks for the reply! The gap under your door looks identical to mine. IS that normal? Is the rocker panel in your pic original or a tabco part? The reason I believe I have an issue is that the door gap on the passenger side is about 1/2 of that on the driver side. (I haven't worked on the passenger side yet.) P.S. The lower hinge in my picture has a sharpie mark around the base which looks like shadow. It does sit flat against the A Pillar.
  8. @Strat067: Did you end up modifying your tabco rocker panel? Any lessons learned or advice on how to deal with the gap between the lower edge of the door and the rocker? Anyone? Tabco and Motorsport both say they sell hundreds of them a year and they never get complaints on the replacement rocker panels, I'm trying to reconcile that with the comments in this forum that say that the panels don't fit. At this point I honestly don't know what/who to believe. Any help/insight appreciated! (Patcon: The gap between the door bottom and the rocker is consistent from the front of the door to the back. And you're right - the fender-door gap needs to be adjusted too.)
  9. @Strat067: I trial fit my Tabco Rocker panel this weekend and I seem to have the same issue. Crap. What did you end up doing on your car? Did you modify the Tabco panel, or use bondo, or both? If you modified the Tabco panel, where did you cut where did you add metal? I need a plan and I'm fresh out of ideas! Somehow the "A" edge (see drawing below) needs to extend outward another ~ 5/16". (Thanks in advance.) For the record: I bought my panel directly from Tabco in the fall of 2018. They assured me on the phone that they’d “...been selling them for many years and never had any issues…” Yeah, Right.
  10. I posted asking this exact question about 9 month ago. It's doable, but it takes patience and practice. Once you figure it out, you'll wonder what the fuss was all about. I still put a thin sheet of flexible plastic against the wall. I use the white plastic wall covering at Lowes - comes in 4' X 8' sheets. It's super handing stuff.
  11. Ahh Hah! Thanks! Does anybody need 'em?
  12. Can anyone help me identify these body panels? See pics. They came with my Z, which included several other Z panels. I haven't been able ot figure out where they go. Are they even from a Z?!? I'd hate to just scrap them if someone can use them... Thanks much!
  13. I once had a late '90s Maxima 4 door sports Car.  Black.  Black Leather.  Car phone. Bad arse.

  14. I went to WESCO and got their "Mexican Orange". Matches great!
  15. Anybody else have info? (Thnx Patcon)
  16. It looks like (A) is flat except on the left side. Is that true? Or i it shaped more like (B)?
  17. @Patcon: See below - Comparing the photo you posted on Nov 22 to another one I've found, . Yours on the left (A) looks flatter than (B) on the right. Is that an illusion? Trying to understand the shape before I start fabricating... Thanks!! Jughead
  18. VIN: S30-67902 '72 as of this posting: Undergoing restoration in Seattle, WA (USA)
  19. Makes sense. Have you ever run into anyone making them?
  20. I wonder if it would be ok to use a flat piece of metal. Thoughts? Also, what “dimples” are you referring to? Do you mean the spotweld dimples? Nice car btw.
  21. Wow! Thanks for the great & speedy response! I LOVE this forum!! The image I needed is below. @Diseazd: See the 1st pic that I copied from you below. Is that the original factory build? (It looks to be.) Also, I notice that there's a hole in the original outer rocker - right over the seat belt mount nut. Is the hole stock too? @240260280: Any chance you still have the diagram/measurements that you used to make the panel indicated by the blue arrow? (2nd pic below.) If so, I'd be much obliged if you would pass it along. I'll bet there a ton of Z freaks who would benefit from it! Thanks again guys - really helpful, Jughead
  22. Fellow Zedheads, I'm repairing my doglegs and want to fabricate the INNER dog leg as close to original as possible. I can't find an image of a non-rusted inner dogleg. (There are plenty of pics of rusted ones!). Can anyone help? I've attached pics of mine for reference. The piece I'm referring to is in front - with the jagged, rusty bottom. Thanks!! jughead
  23. That explains he rust in my front fenders. I wonder where the Datsun designers thought the water would go...?
  24. Thanks Elliott000 - Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration
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