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  1. it was a power mower but you are right. Im definitely going to take that advice.
  2. That opel is great but the first link ive already contacted awhile ago. He doesnt like me cause I asked him to trade a mower for one of his MGs
  3. thats true. These cars are alot of work. I found that car on facebook and two days later it was sold. Guess I gotta take that opportunity next time. Any of you guys have Z cars for sale?
  4. This is very helpful thanks guys. I never looked at it like that. I did find a very nice one for 2500. It was like you said a daily drive with a clean title and needed a little TLC. I think ill go back to looking for something like that.
  5. I found one for 500 in way better shape then that. It had everything except the front fenders and the motor was siezed.The problem was it was 8 states away. Im kinda lokking something along those kind of lines. Basically a decent shell with a reasonable amount of rust that could be worked on.
  6. Hey everybody. Im looking for an early 70s 240z. I cant find any in my area. I want one that needs work so I can put it back together the way I want to. Does anyone have a Z like this or one that is so rusted you just want to junk it. Preferably I want it to be under 300 bucks. A guy can dream.