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  1. Easy. Most newer mast have three wires red for down, green and red for up. Black is ground. Just one diode placed between the red and green wire does it. Why it works you ask? A diode allows current to flow in only one direction so when the switch on the radio is switched to up the diode will send power from the green wire to the red wire an up the antenna goes. Conversely when the switch is switched to down only the red wire is powered because the diode will not allow current to flow backwards. And down the antenna goes.
  2. This may help, the 1992-2001 Honda wiper motor pin outs when facing the male connector coming from the motor are, left to right ABC on top row and DE on bottom row.(See Diagram) This is particularly helpful when purchasing a rebuilt motor. Also some of the Honda Motors over the years used slightly different wire colors.
  3. Thanks I will be needing one soon. Do you have it for sale?

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    Want and need an antibackfire valve. 1972 240z July 1972 build date.


  5. View Advert Anti Backfire valve Want and need an antibackfire valve. 1972 240z July 1972 build date. Advertiser rvanders37 Date 06/16/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1972 Model 240z  
  6. Thank you blue zee. I'll mark that as my upper control limit price and keep looking.
  7. Does anyone have an anti backfire valve for sale?
  8. Thanks. Patcon. Does anyone have an antibackfire valve for sale?
  9. i would like to buy one A/B valve for my car 1972 240z july build date
  10. i would like to buy one of the AB valves that you have.
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