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  1. Im not too sure really but would suggest at least £40 per hour, I've just done the math and it's frightening!
  2. You could also send the cars information to one of the Z clubs, in the UK there's The Classic Z Register and Zclub.net
  3. Also there's an advertising site called ' pistonheads' it's very similar to Hemmings, I bought my car unseen in the flesh, communicated by telephone and email, I asked for plenty of pictures, especially of the vulnerable areas, at the end of the day it's a chance buying unseen but I built up a relationship with the seller and we trusted each other .
  4. Here's a advert for a US Import 240Z in one of our Claassic Car Magazines, I don't know if it will fetch the asking price here in the UK, but there's plenty of potential across Europe as they are LHD on the continent.
  5. I bought my car last May for $25K then imported it to the UK, I think all in it stands me at around £20K sterling, I've put tripple weber carbs on it since it arrived too, also although my car had been restored the paint work isn't as it should be so I've booked it in to be repainted this March, here in the UK there's a lot of discussion on 240Z prices, they were £10K for a long time but restored cars are being advertised for upto £40K, there was a classic car show on TV here last year which said " 240Z, always a cool car, they were £10K now they're £25K, buy one now, from a dry state while you can, mark my words, they will be £50K cars" theres still much conversation over here on LHD imports vs RHD UK cars, the truth is a dry state car will always be in better structural condition than any UK car, I know I've had one restored, in my opinion 240Z's in Europe cars fetch much more than cars in the USA.
  6. Yes Moelk as they are classed as Vintage cars it's reduced from 20% :-)
  7. If it's a rust free car then there will be people interested in the UK, www.pistonheads.com is a good site to advertise on, be prepared to put plenty of pictures on of the vulnerable rust areas, if someone is going to import then they'll need as much information as possible, best of luck. Deoending on on condition it could be worth up to £20K, however there'll be around $1800 or more from Hawaii for shipping and then 5% import duty when it lands in the UK so bear that in mind.
  8. I think there are quite a few being imported, the European weather hasn't been kind to the homegrown market, the only draw back in the UK is that the USA cars are left hand drive, I'm not finding it a problem to be honest but there's always a debate on our club forum :-) of course the rest of Europe is left hand drive too so those guys get the best of both worlds, dry state cars and LHD !
  9. A couple more pics, hope you don't mind :-)
  10. My car was a 73 car but wasn't registered here in the UK until January 1975, pretty late for a 240Z, the chassis number was HS30103362, I always regretted selling it, for a 1980 911SC as it happens, that's why I've recently, May this year, imported a 72 from Spokane WA into the UK, it's good to be back!
  11. Here's my 'old' 240Z from 15yrs ago before I sold it, white really suits them :-)
  12. What a great looking car, really nice
  13. That looks a great car at a great price too imo, shouldn't hang around long I wouldn't have thought :-)
  14. Great post on your car, looking forward to seeing your progress :-)
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