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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Have taken the console and underneath boots off and gotten to the shifter mechanism. Removed that and found that the bushings around the pin holding the shifter were completely gone. Contacted my local Nissan dealer and had the bushings two days later. Thanks, Cliff, and others with suggestions. It is all back together now and shifting is much more precise as the slop in the lever has been eliminated. There is some stiffness in moving the lever to the right for reverse, but I have lubed it well and will see if the lube will work it's way into the shaft area. Thanks again.
  2. I appreciate the review. I had the entire interior out when the body work and painting were done, but it was awhile ago that I reinstalled it, so reviewing that helps.
  3. Thanks, I'll get into that and lube it and also check the pin bushings.
  4. 1972 240z manual. Having a problem moving shift lever into reverse. Just drove car cross country, about 2500 miles. When I started, shifting into all gears was fine, smooth and easy. Near the end shifting into reverse was very hard, and it still is. No grinding, just moving the shift lever into reverse is very stiff and takes quite a bit of force. Any help will be appreciated. Don't know if this is a linkage or transmission problem.