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  1. I'm not sure if this is allowed or not so I appologize ahead of time if not. But here is the choke plate and Art is the seller. Never hurts to mention you saw it here to him. This plate is a great idea. Just follow the enclosed instructions to the "T" You might have to copy & paste the link.
  2. Art Singer is a great guy, met him at the Datsun show in Canby earlier in the year. I've ordered the same bracket from him. He also started ZCCM Z Car Club Magazine. As far as Al Allen helping to supply Wheeler Dealers with parts for the Z they did I wonder how badly he raked the Brits over the coals ?
  3. My personal belief would be not to trust Al Allen under any circumstances. I think he just talks a good game and seldom follows up with sales that have gone wrong. His name comes up on Facebook at a somewhat regular pace and it's seldom good. I personally had to get PayPal involved to get my money back on a $150 transaction. If your on his good side he is your best buddy but if you have any problem no matter how small, it will turn into a major headache. Most of what he sells is either still available thru Nissan or other suppliers for far less. For me,,, it's just not worth taking the chance with him.
  4. He lost lots of "great condition" parts of mine that showed up on eBay weeks later. He doesn't have memory issues he has wondering hands issues. Plus if you send something out of the country you have no recourse. I went thru and inventoried three boxes of parts that were sent to him and he magically got all three boxes mixed up. Parts got lost. It was like pulling teeth to get any parts back from him as he always had some sort of crappy excuse for not getting to the stuff. In the end he just wasn't worth dealing with. I would not recommend this guy under any circumstances unless you like having your parts lost. There are plenty of reputable plating companies here in the states that do just as good or better work.
  5. I would stay far away from Zeddsaver AKA Norm Murphy
  6. I am nearly done with a complete restoration of my 73 240Z. And through the course of doing it I had purchased many parts on eBay. I can say that there is maybe (big maybe) a handful of nice honest Z parts sellers on Feebay. The rest can go jump in a lake. The nicest most honest sellers I've bought parts from are from here, other forums and Craigslist of all places. The people on eBay who sell strictly Z parts for a living are over priced and rude. Cadmium finish is not a gold finish. If I was to do another Z restoration I think I have enough connections and resources that I could probably have no need for eBay parts. Once my car is done I intend to do a write up about the process here because without this site and the information available I would have had a bigger battle then I already had. I will say one thing,,, The worst person I bought parts from has the initials of AA.