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  1. I figured out a quick fuel bowl test not long ago. Common sense but I'm a little slow.

    IF you can find a clear straw that will fit down inside the overflow bung on top you can stick it down and put your finger on the top end holding the level in place. Compare the fuel in the straw from the bottom to the top of the rectangular boss on the float bowl to see how close you are.

    I used a straw off a can of Quick Stuff foam insulation BTW. It's thicker plastic than a coffee straw.

    Look at this picture to see where the fuel should be.

    Hope it helps. It's a quick way just to get an idea. There's a lot more precise ways and I personally use this method with the clear hose for a better "quick and dirty" carb adjustment.




  2. My early n47 had both. I never saw them actually putting out oil but it had terrible oil pressure on the gauge so I thought they were both working. Never considered the spray bar was used for block off. 9/76 build date.


  3. 43 minutes ago, jfa.series1 said:

    I tend to agree with you about the bumpers but that is not the typo. Check out the engine spec, look closely. The error is on every card for a car with an L-series engine.

    Recline in your "incline 6" LOL


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  4. Me too Mr Arnett. I also put them on the rear  bumper mounts closest to the rear tires and on my Xenon front spoiler above the front tires. Lowes has a good selection in their Hillman cabinets. I call them rubber fender washers?

    P.s: I like the chrome bumpers too. Looks more original and not like a kit add on. You have one of the sweetest Safari Gold cars I've seen.

    "One of" @Diseazd.

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  5. 1 hour ago, adivin said:

    I'm not having cooling problems.  I'm getting ready for first start up in decades. I was just wondering with today's options, what type of coolant is being used in classic cars like the Z.

    On first start up I would do what Tom Monroe's"How to rebuild" books says. Open the lower drain on the radiator and feed fresh water from a a hoe's pipe at about half of wide open and equalize that flow in and out for about 20 minutes. If you have a problem with internal engine stuff the water won't be as bad as antifreeze. Thats what I've done twice and it worked good for me. 20 minutes at 2,000RPM on a new rebuild. Whatever you're doing, it's a good flush out know matter what. If you don't have a drain plug loosen the bottom hose.

    Good luck.

  6. I run a larger 280 radiator on my 240 with a full shroud off a ZX.

    180F tops, fyi.

    The gauges on these cars aren't very reassuring. Mine stay on the right leg of the M in TEMP. That 170F to 180F. 

    I strongly beleive the 180F thermostat from Nissan is far and above the chain store thermostats you can buy. Stant, I think, is not even in the ballpark when it comes to quality compared to Nissan.

  7. I'm sure the mouse trap springs were polished as well. 

    It cost a little more but I had my lash pads polished on the last rebuild I did. I think I read that in the Honsowetz book?

    That blue looks good in the picture by the way. I wonder if that is the actual head that was installed or more "trickery" from California Datsun? Lipstick on a head.


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  8. Pfff..my phone is 2 years old and works great. No need for name/model gratification. Pfff...

    Means "sigh" huh? well I been mowing grass all day so after some beer and dinner it's pfff..pfff..pfff..pass. LOL


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  9. 1 hour ago, SteveJ said:

    I was on the big mailing list before I joined Mike's mailing list.

    For the "boobies"? LOL

    I started out on another one but they all said "don't ask, use search" like they stayed on there all the time just to say we don't have time, do it yourself. Strike 1.

    Then one of the main "don't ask me" wanted money to marry his high school sweetheart that was homeless without him but he was broke. 

    I knew then I wasn't going to listen to those fools and somehow stumbled on "blues tech tips". Been here everyday since. I owe him big for that.

    @240260280 the best draw for me. I need to know how to fix my Z, not so concerned with who designed it. 


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