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  1. History of the Z car documentary. From the birth of the Nissan/Datsun car company, expansion to the US, development of the fairlady roadster and the first Z car - the 240Z, all the way to the Z32 300ZX. Includes interviews with "Mr K" - Mr Katayama, instrumental in the creation of the Z car range, and in the success of Nissan outside the Japanese market.Part 1/5
  2. Thank you kindly everyone! Kuro means black in Japanese, so does Kuroi It's not snowing yet, maybe tomorrow they say. Getting the L28et ready to go in, Senza Pari is making custom manifolds, and a gt3071 will be the newest addition to the family. Won't be done till next spring.... Oh but I've got some great news!!! I've just saved a bunch of money on my car insur.. er um, I mean - check it out!!!! A big THANK YOU to Brad Sillars (Photos), BigMike (Text), and of course Import Tuner for the opportunity to be featured in the January, 2013 edition of Import Tuner!
  3. Thank you very much! ^^^ I think my siggy tag is awesome too
  4. Yep, nice I'm sure we'll meet up one day! I'd eat it, but I think it might not taste as good as it looks . Sure what do you want to know? SWEET! Me too! Far south suburbs, but drive up to Schaumburg area a lot. Datsun Spirit - they are Nissan OEM. Thank I ordered it from Weksos, it was the only one they had, and I had to scoop it up. So much smaller then the OEM 280z steering wheel. In between the fender flare and fender? It's actually a vinyl that looks like leather. You can get it from any good upholstery supply company. Like this: http://www.garysupholstery.com/weltcord-premade.html
  5. Thank you sir! here's a few more:
  6. Hi all, I've certainly neglected posting here, but got a lot of work done lately and I just wanted to post some pics of my z. It's not done yet though.....
  7. What do you mean negative effects on performance and ride? The smallest wheel possible is not necessarily the answer. A properly fitting wheel is. You don't 'have' to cut away at the fender, but if you want it to look right (and go with a wheel/tire combo that is wider to fill out the flares), you probably will want to.
  8. Agreed. I see a lot of rust on that car, and much more is hidden.
  9. Looks like he's not coming back...
  10. Yeah I agree. Bending it might dent it...i would be hesitant too
  11. Hmm I didn't put any tape on mine.. but it's holding up pretty well, no flexing when I'm driving (so I'm told)...
  12. Let us know what happened, I'm curious..
  13. I have yet to tackle this job but it looks like the chrome trim has more of a bend around the corners then it needs. Do you see what I mean our am I seeing it wrong?
  14. Kuro

    ZG Fender flare

    ^^ Really, great vendor you are, you've had my money for 68 days and are ignoring my messages, deleted me off your fb zforceproductions page....... I don't care how old this thread is... buyer beware.
  15. I just had a bad experience with zforceproductions..... 67 days no BAMF flares and he won't respond to me and won't refund my money.
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