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  1. Rainman, what did you do to refresh the rear brake cables? Looks great.
  2. Be great to donate to a local high school offering auto shop.
  3. My local Ace hardware has been an invaluable source for metric bolts, nuts, washers and screws, cadmium plated, stainless, zinc etc. You probably have one in Manteca you can bring your old ones to and match up. The nice thing is you can usually just buy one or two and not a whole box. For suspension make sure you get the proper strength class as John Coffey stated.
  4. Here is the link. http://account.autoglasshosting.com/nswizard/?zip=30188&year=1971&make=Nissan&model=240Z&bodystyle=2+Door+Coupe&_ob=WS&_os=&opening=WS&A=Q&acct=w2g The windshield will have the tint band at the top and not be OEM without the band. I know some want an exact replica without the tint band, but it is more expensive. If you are ok with the tint band it is not a bad price. Once you order you will have to pick it up at one of their warehouses in the ATL area. For me the Norcross location was closest.
  5. I am in metro Atlanta and for what its worth bought a windshield from Windshields to Go for $120 and picked it up in Norcross. I ordered the weatherstrip from Black Dragon and the trim pieces from Courtesy Nissan. I am attempting the install myself and have put the weatherstrip around the windshield and put the trim in as I thought people said it is easier to do it this way before installing the windshield. The lip on the weatherstrip is not covering the trim in the lower corners properly. I don't know if this will rectify itself when the windshield is in. Post how you make out with
  6. Just curious, are you talking about the corner piece that overlaps the long trim pieces? or the lower trim that starts at the top of the windshield corner and bends around the lower corners and meets in the lower middle on the bottom? I was thinking of removing the left and right long trim pieces installing the windshield and than putting in the trim hoping that once the weatherstrip and windshield is installed the gap I am getting with the trim would go away. What did they charge to install the front and rear glass?
  7. Oops. At least we didn't call it a beta.
  8. Is that Scotty from Star Trek checking out the Alpha? Must have just beamed down to check it out.
  9. I can't help with the rear hatch, I haven't started that yet but was wondering if you did the front windshield and are using the Black Dragon weatherstrip for that. If you did , did you have a problem with the lower corners on the outside of the windshield covering the chrome trim properly? I have a post with pics showing what I mean.
  10. I wedged playing cards under the inside corner of the seal and kept adding cards until it lifted the rubber over the chrome and now looks right. But that creates a separation against the glass that will need to be filled. I imagine if I fill it with black silicone, I'll be able to see it from the inside of the car. I wondering if the problem is the Black Dragon aftermarket seal. Has anyone used the aftermarket windshield weatherstripping from Black Dragon and had a similar problem? I think if I attempt to bend the chrome, I may regret it.
  11. Amen to that. The fronts were nothing like the rear. I have no idea why they were so tough. They were much harder than the spindle pins. CG, great looking assembly. Better than new. Keep it going.
  12. I saw that and don't know about trying to bend them out. I was afraid I would make it worse. It makes me wonder what has changed as these were genuine Nissan trim pieces. Is the windshield different or the weatherstrip? It only set me back an hour putting the pieces in but my thumbs are still sore. I may try bending them before I finalize or get an installer to put the windshield in.
  13. That was a great commercial. Now he can finish the job and put the car back in drive. J.K. I thought this ebay item best expresses how some feel. http://www.ebay.com/itm/170580268408?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  14. Black Dragon was actually more than Courtesy. I paid $85. I have seen them on ebay for as low as $40 after I already bought it. I have read people advise doing the trim before you put in the window as it is easier. Since your window is in, I certainly would leave it in and work with it. Working the rubber lip over the trim was not hard but it takes time and will result in thumb blisters. I tried the green tool that you see in the pic, but I couldn't get it to work for me. I only used the hair dryer on the corner trim pieces. I am hoping the gap I am asking about goes away once insta
  15. I installed the weatherstrip around my new windshield. The weatherstrip was from Black Dragon and not perfect. The top left quarter had a squiggle in the rubber. The trim I got from Courtesy Nissan. My window was a hack job by the po using silicone caulk. Besides looking like crap it leaks. Installing the trim pieces was not to bad. I started with the left then right then top. I put the trim in the outside lip and using my thumb rolled the inside lip over the trim piece. The corners were tough but I heated them with a hair dryer and it went in ok. I did not use any sealant for
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