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  1. gnosez, I don't think she'll ever get back into racing condition. I simply don't have the money nor the resources. She's got a chunk out of a frame rail, twisted at the C pillar and the suspension needs to be gone over as well. But believe me- if I had ten grand- it would go into rebuilding this car that I know for a fact has a good heart.
  2. So, I've been quite busy saving my Z's life these past few months. When I got her she wouldn't and couldn't run and she was so sad. She sat in the lot crying day and night, 'cos nobody loved her- until now. For some reason everyone was driving like maniacs out here in Cleveland Ohio this morning, so I stepped her up a notch 'cos she wanted to go with the crowd. I had her up to 80 and felt a big smile come over her old face, and I had a shiny one on me too! I've picked up some body pieces along the way, a brand-new looking front valance and a couple of front fenders.. and a 4 foot piece of sheet metal and I have a good friend with a mig. I wish I had more to give her, 'cos she's such a good girl- and gives me all that she can. Thank you guys and gals for being here to help me solve the little problems that have come my way!
  3. I know about that damn rust (should be a sin, afterall). I have about $700 to either put rockers and plug a hole on the passenger side of my Z or get a beater.. then no more money coming in until mid-February. I hate to put her in the snow, she's given so much and I don't want to hurt her anymore. I have found many older 4-door floaters on craigslist, and I know I could show up and get a runner for $450 or so. Thanks for the input- I thought it would be possible, but wanted to confirm.
  4. So, here's my story. I'm a 40 year old college student living off of my student loans in N.E. Ohio- and my only source of transportation is my 77 4-spd. manual Z coupe. Could I get through the winter w/studded snow tires on the rear, Yokohama's on the front, kitty litter in the trunk ? Or should I put my Z rehab money towards an 8 cyl. towncar? I'm a seasoned winter driver: semi-trucks/V.W.beetles/motorcycles(ya know).. I've heard that nomatter how good of driver you are- or think you are, that these are not drivable in snow.. any truth to that?
  5. That's cool- thanks for all the information.. trying to get my options in a row, have to take care of the body before the winter sets in. The fenders are nice on this 74, and probably pretty cheap too. I'm driving down tomorrow to take a look at the donor car. My interior is in great shape, and I'd hate to throw that original look out- so I may work with what I have 'cos I don't have the place to fabricate. Thanks again! :classic:
  6. I've done my search on the internet and this site also- and I could not locate this question. -Can I swap an early '74 260 front fenders with a 77? Can I swap the doors?
  7. Welcome to the best Z car forum on the web! I joined a little bit ago, and every problem I have w/my 77 the answer can easily be found on past or present threads. There are many good people here- and I wish you the best on your '79 Z.


  8. sblake01, thank you for the information- I will go ahead and get it then. I hope my Z Sandra Dee likes her new gift. Have a great weekend Gina
  9. Hello, title really sais it all- found a nice one for twenty bucks and I want to jump all over it- came of a 75 280z and mine is a 77 280z. Are there any differences that I should be aware of? ie: transmission/CA or Fed/carb or inj differences in a 7 pin AFM? Thanks! Gina
  10. Thank you all for understanding the simplicity of my question- but the dumb questions are the one's that aren't asked!
  11. Well, got my Sandra Dee on the road today- and what a thrill! Final touch was replacing the battery, bought a Duralast Gold w/750 cold cranking amps, 935 cranking amps and 130 reserve minutes.. now it fits my car just fine- but is this too big for this application? Should I return it for a smaller one w/lower CCA or cranking amps? I don't want to damage the system- but on another note, the car likes the juice and gave me what she had!
  12. Fed-ex dropped off the alternator/starter then went shopping for the oil and filter. Had 'er put together and then- and then- she started up! Idle is way out of wack, and is backfiring in the AFM (?) Going to take that apart tomorrow and clean it internally and I read on another post about disconnecting the bbdm(?) and she's running wwaaay to rich too. Also brought home my dear Sandra Dee's 30-day tag, would like to drive her by the weekends-end. :classic:
  13. Are you looking to sell that grill?
  14. Got Sandra Dee running last week, found the weak link- two wires were not making a full contact, thus no power to the injectors. So far: Various fuses/tracked down bad wire(s) replaced+repaired-when applicable New plugs/wires/dist. cap/rotor/air filter Fuel filter/fuel pressure regulator/idle control valve/ignition coil/drive belt Today I drained the oil and removed the alternator and working on removing a stuck bolt on the starter- waiting patiently for the new starter/alternator and oil pump to arrive in the a.m. Can't wait to see the look on her face! -Working with a shoe-string budget and finding the best prices on e-bay to date! Very, very happy when working on my Z- funny but I'm coming to realize that this car has everything I like in vintage vehicles- and I've had a few. Now I need to figure out why the motor for the power antenna isn't operable any more.
  15. The birth date for my 280z is 11/76 but is titled as a 77. I have been waiting anxiously for the EFI relay to arrive, it did- and I have literally torn this car apart looking for the old one. Should I be looking for parts for a 76 instead of a 77? Any help would be appreciated. Gina
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