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  1. zxjuiced


    best looking 2+2 260z I`ve eever seen! awesome job!!
  2. zxjuiced


    Finally Finished
  3. zxjuiced


    Finally Finished
  4. Vivid Blue Pearl
  5. yes it a 1980 280ZX N/A EFI....... it shuts down smooth, just like someone reach over annd turned the key off!
  6. Need help! while driving my tack drops off to zero,engine stops running then comes right back! usually happens while cruising in 5th gear, can happen several times in a span of a few minutes most of times it does`nt happen at all.. the engine usually returns to life own it`s own or I just hit the key and it starts back up! it even happened while sitting at a redlight! car just stops running! but starts right back up with the turn of the key! i know it`s just a matter of time and I`m going to get stranded somewhere! what could be cause this speratic power loss???
  7. zxjuiced


    Louvered hood!
  8. zxjuiced


    How a ZX should look like!
  9. zxjuiced


    Nice ZX! I`m partial to the ZX , Since I also own one! Curious to know the color and color code. Thinking of possiblely painting mine silver too! Thanks.........
  10. Hey:) Any one here know of any Zcar performance engine builders on the east coast?? Looking for someone who has experience building the L-28, especially the cylinder head! thx...........
  11. Does anyone know of where i can get my hands on some fiberglass wide body rear panels or fender flairs:)for a 1980ZX coupe....I`ve tried dealing with Showcar`s from North of the border,Canada...Don`t have a good feel for them,cautious about sending the a $$$$ and worried if the parts arive in 1-peice or if they even fit properly!! Any suggestions?????
  12. "Z-BABES"??? Nothing better that "HOT Z`S AND HOT CHICKS!
  13. Need specs on wheel centerbore/hud cemetric. for a 280ZX. THANKS
  14. Could someone here please help me find the correct hub/wheel center bore. I`m getting ready to place a order for wheel adapters and would like to have them made to the factory specs. I tried the a search,but came up empty!!!!
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