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  1. oifss2


    Starting to make progress, have a guy that will recreate decals,Not sure if I'm going to put them on yet.
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for a rear valance. the one between the lower tailights and the rear bumper. It's spotwealded on. having all my body work and paint done now and the one I have is tweaked. Any help would be greatley appreciated.
  3. How is the Zap going I haven't hear much about it. I was talking to esprist as board name I mentioned you had a Zap he has started a registry for original Zap cars. His website is http://jdm-car-parts.com/ or PM him he would be happy to document your car.

  4. Contact the zman of Washington. His shop has all the hoses. Just replaced all mine and they were very reasonably priced.
  5. Hey, Welcome. Just across the bridge in the Oakland hills.
  6. Hi Dan, I'm in Oakland. Count me in if we can get a NorCal meet together.
  7. Hi, Where you from in Norcal, I'm out of East Bay.


  8. Hi, thanks for the compliment on the Volvo. Fun car!

    I hooked up my powerwasher, took out the thermostat and flushed the system backwards. I got out a small amount of rust, nothing even worth noting. However, I did get flow back through the heater core and everything works like it should now. Makes me nervous as I didn't find anything. I am thinking there may be a piece of tinfoil from a prestone jug floating around and it got hung up for a while. I truly don't have a known solution...


  9. Hey Bro, I was having the same problems you were with my 77 no heat, no water to the core but water to the firewall etc. I tried everything you did with no result. Turned out to be the relay by the vacuum check valve. It was not allowing the water **** valve to open. Just like you I was running about 180, but no heat. By passed it now have full heat defrost, am now looking for a new relay.

    I will send the right name and a pic of the relay as soon as I can.


  10. Hi, Oakland here, Mark we spoke before. I met with John and he told me about the shop you go to. Hey it seems like there are a few of us in the East Bay. we should try to get together. Jim
  11. This is the last part of my quick relay it would not let me send it all it was to long.

    By the time I left I had an extra coil, ignition switch, fuel filter and numerous other oem Datsun parts. He has a friend he worked with a Nissan that worked there his whole life and has a garage full of parts. This guy has a left hand side 240. It was like Christmas.

    He told me when I put in the new fuel filter to change the rubber fuel lines, so my next project starts in the morning. Jesus the guy even gave me a K&N air filter.

  12. Hey Bro, I have a 77 and am having the same problems you are describing. I checked the water **** (vacuum controlled) and the manual controled heater control valve. No corrosion in either.

    My heater core has no apparent leaks, the heater box is dry. Just no heat. I used the prestone flush and stuck the hose down the block. I got some gray sand like residue when I flushed, no rust. I'm hoping the PO did not use stop leak.

    I am replacing the thermostat in the morning, hope something works. My temp stays middle gauge. The radiator gets hot but not the heater core. Was wondering if you learned anything since the last post on your thread.



  13. Hi, Looks like I really don't know how to use this system. I sent you a quick reply yesterday about the restoration but it did not go out. Thanks for the advice. The more I work on the Z the more I agree with you.

    The carpets were sun faded but still in great shape, so I dyed them they came out great. I am replacing what I have to and keeping what I can. I do like the paint, so I'm going to fix a couple of trouble spots and try to blend it in.

    I do appreciate all the help you have sent my way. I did find two of the center caps on ebay. I got them and four hubcaps for 34.00 after shipping. Just got to find one more.

    Thanks again


  14. AJ, The Paint is in surprisingly good shape. I scrubbed the engine compartment this weekend and that looks pretty good also. I checked the DMV transfer records and its got 75K orig. The guy really took care of this car. My coolant leak appears as if it might just be hoses (I'm hoping). Zman of Wa. is on the lookout for the brake indicator switch. The Z world is full of great people, Thanks everyone for all the tips. For now I'm going to take you're advice and refresh vice restore. Going to try to keep it as stock as I can. When I get it presentable I'll post more pics. Jim
  15. After more reading and checking discovered the brake light/hot floor relay switch was bad. Works fine when I disconnect the switch. Now on the hunt for a new switch.
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