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  1. I cant find matman on the member list. whats his username
  2. someone smashed my window last night and now the hunt is on for a replacment. any good sources or just scour the forums/craigslist? thank you
  3. well i dunno about yours but on mine there is a crossbeam that has 2 bolts that go into the diff that completely covers the fill hole and covers just enough of the drain plug to make it look like a royal pain to get out. does yours have this? if so how do you just take it out or what? thanks. the trans looks like cake
  4. I have a 240z with an L28 block swapped in, mated to a 5spd trans, I want to change the fluid but I do not know if there are different versions. on my old mitsubishi you just filled it to the fill hole and it was good, is it the same on these as well? also I read somewhere that you can fill the diff through the hole where the halfshaft mounts to the diff, is this true? thanks!
  5. heres a few pics of the one area of rot on my car, whats the best way to go about patching this rot up? I have no experience with rust repair whatsoever, and as its not frame-related (triple checked rails, trunk floor and floorpans, no rust) I am willing to tackle this by myself. veteran rust repairer's please advise, thanks in advance.
  6. also, I just walked out to pace back and forth in my garage in front of my engine bay grumbling mean things at my car and noticed that now the fuel filter is full of gas, whereas when it was running it was barely a quarter inch full, it didnt really even seem like fuel was going out the other end, even when I rev'd it up it barely had an increase in flow.
  7. ok update. also, when I started it up cold, it drove like a champ at operating temp for about 15 minutes driving around nothing wrong feeling great, so I pulled in my driveway, and realized I needed to hit the grocery store, so I turned it back on after about 48 seconds of it being off and it started hesitating and sputtering like it has been doing, weird huh? ps: choke nozzles have come unstuck so that is ruled out now. heres what I did: I gapped the plugs to .035, and put in one of those clear fuel filters to check the flow. at idle fuel just dribbles into the canister, looks normal, but when I rev it up the flow only increases slightly (bubbles come up as well, not at idle, only when im holding it at around 2000rpm, not froth, just bubbles). when I rev up the 350 v8 (mechanical fuel pump as well) in my other car, fuel gushes into the fuel filter, am I looking at a blockage most likely? thanks.
  8. ha, had a looksie and the wire is snapped, will recrimp, thanks guys!
  9. I have a 72 240z, my temp gauge decided to stop working today, where is it located? I cannot find it in my fsm. thank you
  10. ok so carb cleaner unstuck the cold start enrichment circuit, and the car still is doing the same thing. when you first start up the car, it runs alright but after 3-4 minutes, the idle starts to drop, and it will eventually die out, and it runs progressively worse until it just wont hold idle any more. sigh thanks for sticking with me.
  11. blah. so the spacer came today (new gaskets came with the pump). so i plugged it in, put my new oil and filter in (car has been draining for the last 3 days) and tried to go on my merry. but the car really sounds like it is not on all cylinders, loping idle, no power and smells really rich. I need to get a new plug gapper (i cant find mine anywhere, must of lost it during my recent move) and gap my new plugs. also. I noticed that one of my choke nozzles (on the bottom) is sticking all the way out. could this be dumping gas into my cylinders and making me run super rich? can somebody point me to a guide for unsticking this valve? thanks in advance.
  12. dont worry about startin it, its not been started since i found out. Ok so i got the new pump today, it took two whole agonizng days to get here, i go home ready to rock and roll and as soon as i touch the black pumP spacer t move it over from the old one to the new one it just falls apart! It was cracked and just needed a little help to fully break. Am i screwed and need to source another from a junkyard because im assuming i cant run the pump without it. Please advise. Thanks
  13. I really hope it is the cause. Alot of fuel got into the oil. It is way over full on the dipstick now. Gonna go buy the pump today, will report back. Thanks guys upon closer inspection of the pump it seems to be an original. Further supporting the claim of it failing
  14. ok, went into napa and the only mechanical fuel pumps they could find were for 2.6L's. I have a 2.8. are they the same? they look identical on the outside. thanks
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