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  1. Got the rad fixed. Now if I could fix the title of this thread ??
  2. Don't feel bad. He ended up getting it fixed for 65 dollars so not too bad. He is in Colo. now on his way back to Ks. The trip is getting better for him
  3. Thanks. I guess he found a rad. shop that says they can fix it - fingers crossed.
  4. My son is on a roadtrip with the 260. He is in Fresno now and the fan clutch exploded and took out the waterpump and the radiator near the top tank. He got a new pump,clutch and belt on and now it blew all the coolant . From what he tells me the fan got into the top of the rad. Anyone near there got a rad. they would sell or know of a good rad. shop. ?? His smartphone died also making it hard to find stuff Thanks for any help. Dave
  5. Sorry so long to respond. I do have an extra starter I think. I will have to look. How far from Kansas are you?
  6. First was a 70 Challenger 383 My older sisters boyfriend took 2 of us 16 yo. to hit the hiway and race a splitwindow Barracuda. 150 mph. Then a friends 66 Caprice 396 about 150 and the scariest was in the back of a 68 Charger 383 again about 150. I thought the fenders were going to fly off the charger:) Me driving would be about 135 in my old 70 Chevelle
  7. Haha I was going to say this earlier:) Really though a 4 barrel on a straight six can't be good for mixture distribution. You would have to run it rich to keep the end cylinders from going too lean I would think.
  8. Yea check your plugs first and you might check your distributor advance and make sure it is moving freely. What carb are you running?
  9. I feel for you. I have 4 vehicles to maintain. 3 on the road constantly. Everytime fuel goes up so do tires. Probably good you got them now and not this summer. Fuel is supposed to jump again:stupid: I wouldn't want to complain and then let them touch my vehicle after though. Sucks having to go 100 mi. for other service. I am only 30 mi. from several places but even then it seems you have to order tires to get exactly what you want. I actually put one size narrower on my wifes Caddy-same height because nobody in Wichita pop. 400,000 had the right size:stupid:
  10. Ok I think I added you as well the other day. I could not be sure as I am kind of a computer noob.

  11. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31649 In 85 Newman set 10 track records in a 280zx Not sure what track . He drove for Bob Sharp Racing I think.
  12. If you have a little lacquer left you could spray something and then try clearcoating with a polyurethane enamel clear. You don't even have to wait very long. Lacquer dries really fast. Nice thing about lacquer is you can spray a lot of different paints over it. You just can't spray lacquer over anything else. An enamel clear will really give it a high gloss and it is much tougher than lacquer. Whatever you decide good luck. Hope to see some pics.
  13. I am no expert but the only time I used lacquer I clearcoated. The thing I love about lacquer is the ability to wetsand runs and work with it. Is there a reason you are not going to topcoat with a clear enamel? If you leave it lacquer you will be buffing/polishing every year due to oxidation.
  14. Bryce, Welcome to the forum. I'd love to see the z sometime. I live 30 mi. south but work in Wichita. I don't actually own a z. My son bought one a year ago and I have twisted wrenches for 35 years so needless to say, My son learned a lot in the last year. And me too. It's been a lot of fun.
  15. Hello,

    Saw you were close by and thought I would add you as a friend. I grew up just West of Udall, but now live in Wichita. New Paint looks good.


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