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  1. Ok... I cant figure out for the life of me on how to blow up that picture... this sucks..
  2. Ok, hopefully this pic will work out better.. And as far as my screen name goes that's the name of the car haha. (It's a long story) But I will check the spark plugs and see what's going on with them and Ill do them one at a time this time .. I really don't want the 4-barrel, I would love to put these carbs on like they were originaly supposed to.. So if ya'll can tell me if I have everything then I can get rid of the old carb.. thanks!
  3. I will try to blow up that pic on my computer so you can see it better. And All the wires are on securely. I noticed the noise after I crossed the spark plug wires and tried cranking the car. It took me 3 times to get the wires back in the right order. Then I noticed the ticking noise coming from the head of the engine...
  4. Is this everything I need to get rid of the 4-barrel and put these in??
  5. I just replaced the spark plugs about 2 weeks ago. Could I have done something wrong when putting the new ones in? And I have a Holley 4-barrel carb that has recently been tuned.. Im thinking maybe the guy who tuned it might not have done it right?? I will post pics of my raceing SU carbs that I have and maybe ya'll could tell me if I need any additional parts because I'm not sure if I have everything.
  6. So I have been told while people are following me that when I mash into the gas pedal I have dark brown smoke rush out of the exaust... I have had this problem on my work truck before but that was because the injectors were bad. This car has carbs so Im stumped... I can here that the rocker arms are out of line but the car still runs great so it must not be that bad, but can that be the cause of the dark smoke?? It only happens when I mash on the gas.. Please help!!
  7. Over half the rocker arms are out of line and and my clutch is going out. I am not about to tear apart the engine to fix rocker arms. haha It's just way easier to do a swap. and I have been wanting to do one for a while now..
  8. Hello to all, I am having some trouble with my L26 and i'm about ready to just do an engine swap. I would prefer an RB25 but that's a little out of my price range at the moment. Therefore I am looking for an RB20 or an SR20, do any of ya'll know where I can get the complete swap?? Besides ebay or craigslist I can't find anything and I know there are more options. If anyone has any ideas it would help out alot! Thanks!
  9. I will post pics as soon as I can snap them.. And as far as jump starting the car everytime I don't get either, but when I have someone starting my car while I am messing with the choke on the carb then she will start no problem. Or if it's hot outside she will start up perfect. But the slightest cold weather she don't want nothing to do with.. Also I have to keep her idleing around 1500 rpms untill she is half way warmed up or else she will die. Still dont get that either. I have her idle set at about 800 which should be just fine.
  10. It's an electric choke on the Holley. So i'm guessing it has to be an electrical problem. And if that's all I need for the SUs then I'm good to go. Everything is hooked up and ready to be put on the car. Just not sure how to hook it up..
  11. I have a Holley 4-barrel carb set up on my 74 260. I HATE it but untill I find all my parts for my SU carbs I have to deal with it. But I can't identify these carbs. I was told they are raceing carbs.. But I have no clue. I have to jump my car in order to start it because the choke will not work. I traced my wires from the choke on the carb to the switch inside the Z and there all hooked and have power but won't turn on the choke. I know absolutley nothing about american made carbs.. And am not sure what I need to do or what kind of info ya'll are needing to try and help me.. If you know what all I need to put my SU carbs on and trash this Holley or if you know what's going on with my choke please help. Thanks in advance
  12. Finally got the brake lights working. Found out my wire running from the switch to the tail lights was bad and grounding out somewhere in the line.. Took it out and replaced with a new wire. Temporary fix till I can tear apart the dash and see what's up. Again thanks for all of your help!!
  13. Haha well untill it gets warmer Im not doing anything. All my gauges on the dash quit working this past weekend so I have a few more problems with all the electrical. So im trying to gather patience before i even touch the car now haha.
  14. SteveJ... so now I have 12 volts on both sides of the fuse and Nothing in the back with the brake pedal up. However, with the pedal still up I have continuity on one side of the brake switch and a solutly nothing on the other. When the brake pedal is down I have continuity on both sides of the switch. I'm super confused now. Any ideas?
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