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  1. The lip appears much deeper. I'm assuming that these rims are not as wide as Gordon's car
  2. This is Travel'n man's car. Also has RS watanabe's
  3. Does anyone know or have any info as to the set up that Gordon McSwain is running on his car. Rim and tire size?, width?, Offset? His car was featured at S.E.M.A week where it raced against some other modified 350 z's I think. It has been a trial and error for alot of people to get just the right wheel and tire fitment and look on the S30. In my opinion, the Watanabe RS in gun metal is the best looking rim on these cars, but the offset and back spacing changes the overall look. I was reading on the "post your wheel and tire" forum and one member got some from Japan and said they were 15x8 with 0 offset, but they looked much different from Gordon's car. In my opinion, Gordon's car is perfect, perfect stance and perfect look. The look I want for my Z one day.
  4. Ok cool. Yea I thought about the possibility of not being able to rotate the tires if I had staggered them. Makes sense to just have all the same size rims and tires
  5. My car currently has a set of the 5 slot mags at 14x5.5 I believe with 195 70 14 Michelin defenders. I intend to occasionally run the car at the track and am putting together a list of things I want for the car and I think I will purchase a set of these rims. I like how they look and they allow for a little more tire. I am however thinking about staggering the sizes. I want to go with a 15x6 with a 205 60 up front and a 15x7 with a 225 60 on the rear. I checked these with a tire calculator and the 14's with 195 70 are 629 cm tall. The 15 with 205 60 is 627 cm tall and with the 225 60 is 651 cm tall. Any thoughts?
  6. Hello all. I was wondering if anyone had any info on the wheel and tire size used on John Morton's BRE 240z. I just think the amount of side wall and the overall stance just looks so good on that car. I found that VTO retro 4 rims are close look alike to the magnesium racing wheels on the BRE car. Thanks!
  7. Both ends of the spray bar. Doesn't seem to be clogged either
  8. On a side note, just picked up a 79 L28 with matching 5 speed trans lol. Just to have it. ? It's an F54 block and a P79 Head. I've heard different things about the P79 head and when I get around to rebuilding/modifying it, I may just buy a different one.
  9. Does the oil flow around the cam tower mounting bolt? It would have to right? And what about the mouse trap springs could they get weak with age and cause a problem?
  10. I am about 25 mins north east of baltimore in harford county. I also removed the oil filter and blew some compressed air back through the cam towers and the end ones had no back flow of air but the middle one did. I could see it go through to the cam main journal bit it felt different from the other towers. I might try and remove the cam and the middle tower and inspect it but at that point I might as well just pull the head ?. I am gonna order new rocker arms and lash pads, the cam is a given. I wonder if I should get new valve springs as well at least for the affected cylinders, not all the lobes are burnt. This is cyl 1.
  11. OK so I finally had some time to do some more digging on my Z. It has the original externally oiled camshaft that was in the car when I got it. I set the lash to the spec as per the FSM. I run 10w30 in it with one bottle of Lucas oil stabilizer. I have since taken the plugs out and with the valve cover off cranked the hell out of it. And with the spray bar removed as well I get no oil coming out of the cam towers. But the entire time I was running the car, the oil pressure read fine and the engine never knocked or anything. Is it possible that the oil passages in the head alone could be clogged? Also does the center cam tower supply oil for the entire cam?
  12. Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I've signed on, and to be honest it's been awhile since I've touched my old Z. I was running the car all last summer, and it ran great. It had great power, and pulled really strong. I'm running ZTherapy rebuilt SU's which I synced and tuned, pertronix ignitor, and just an MSA 6 to 1 header. I rebuilt the engine but had the head sent out to Mancini machine, where I know they re surfaced it, and I can only assume they checked, repaired, and assembled the head correctly, as this was some years ago. I was driving the car one day and I thought the valve train sounded louder than normal so I preceeded to pop the cover off and check my valve clearances. I found that a few lobes on my cam are black, not shiny like the others. I also noticed that the oil is dark for how new it is. I'm wondering if I ran the valve clearances too tight on these valves and damaged the surface hardening of the cam. I ran Lucas oil stabilizer in this engine when I was driving the car as well. Also used some ethanol fuel treatment in the gastank. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
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