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  1. for a 1976 280z
  2. My passenger side caliber has begun to leak badly. I decided after 33 years its probably time to replace/rebuilt it. Autozone has a "new" caliper for 30 dollars, and i found a rebuild kit for 50. Is there a benefit to rebuilding?? Also, on caliper is fine, the other leaks, do i need to replace both at the same time??
  3. The same thing happened to my Passenger side door, i left it for years and years (to the point that i had auto locks installed and didn't pay for that door cause it wouldnt open) Do like five&dime said, the linkage can break away, or in my case break off all together, a junk yard will sell you a handle pretty cheap (i think i paid 8 dollars for mine) its two bolts on the inside of the door its not too bad.
  4. there are also after-market electric fans you can get, they will save you some HP and cool just as well if not better. I have never dabbled in them myself (ive been lucky) but i know people who have and have been very pleased. (And i hear you on the head though mine has no compressor it gets parked during the summer)
  5. Its a little crude but it has worked several times for me. If your looking to clean the injectors, the above works, if your looking to unclog them take a LONG screw driver (flat head or phillips) and put them right were the injector goes into the manifold, and hit the end of the screw driver with a hammer, lots of times it will knock things loose.
  6. Hey guys this is my second Z and i recently bought her and when i did the front of her looked off..i couldnt figure out why for hte life of me. Then i realized (while admiring another Z) that she is missing the upper grill. The bigger of the 2, does anyone know what i can buy one??
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