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  1. I was running atf and then switched to 20 wt fork oil. The 20 wt seems to be better to keep the mixture from going extremely lean on quick accelerations. Sent from my SM-N915V using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  2. I took it out for a drive this evening to reconfirm the afr and it wants to idle around 12. Cruising in 4th at 3000 the afr is reading at 15 - 15.5 which seems really lean. I noticed going uphill it goes really lean getting around 16.5. Accelerating at WOT it is exactly where it needs to be at 12.7ish. Could this be a problem relating to the float levels? When I rebuilt them I followed the ztherapy video setting them at .5" as siteunseen said could be a problem. Sent from my SM-N915V using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  3. at WOT it is still around 13.5. It is my understanding of afr is that at idle it would be 14 - 14.5 and at part throttle, it would richen up to around 13 -13.5 and at WOT it would be around 12.5. I did check the needles and they are in fact the SM needles.
  4. I am having a heck of a time getting the correct air/fuel mixture set on my carbs. I have a 260z and the engine was just rebuilt with .020" over pistons, stage 2 cam from MSA and 3-2 MSA header. I am running the stock 260 intake/balance tube with emissions removed and 4 screw round top SU's. I also just rebuilt the carbs with the ztherapy kit. The problem I am having is at idle the wideband is reading an air/fuel ratio around 13 and at part throttle, it really leans out at around 14.5 - 15.5. I am pretty sure the needles are n27's and was wondering if I need to switch to SM needles? I have followed pretty much every guide to tuning that I could find on here but I can still not get it right.
  5. i have already pulled the water pump and i didnt see a hole anywhere in the front cover but i will check it out a little closer. i have a feeling it is the head gasket though.
  6. i dont think any of those are there now. the junk yard have all pretty much closed down all we really have is a few small wreaking yards and miliron. no i am not a member of the mid ohio sports car club i have been to a few events with them but i dont think they ever get to race on the track (insurance issues) they mostly do auto-x events out at the mansfield airport and at ohio state mansfield campus. wish they could race on the track i really want to take the zed around it. and yes friendly house they are still around as far as i know i used to play basketball there back in 3rd grade. mansfield has really gone to crap alot of it is run down i dont really live in mansfield i only put that because hardly anyone knows of bellville. i also cannot wait to get out of here...
  7. yes you are correct on the rear most bolt being broken off. and this is me and my dads car so money isnt really much of a issue but we just dont want to start a restoration yet on it because we building another garage with an apartment and that is top priority right now. we just want to get the car running right. time is really the only issue because yes i am a college student for another year. but i live at home and have access to pretty much any tool i will need to do the job. this is my excuse to put a header on now
  8. yes i was just talking about that tonight i was thinking about pulling the engine but i then its like while you have it out... but now i can have a reason to fix a few other things like a broken bolt on the exhaust manifold and replacing that gasket. im hoping to make this a quick fix with funds and time little tight right now i just want to get it back on the road. but i will deff check into a new timing chain, valves, and checking over the rest of the internals while i have it apart. at least the the water pump is already new.
  9. Sounds like i will be replacing the head gasket then. i had a feeling that would be the problem with it.
  10. I had a problem with overheating back in the fall when i parked the car for the winter. I was loosing coolant but it was internally because i never found and on the ground under the car. i had checked the oil but i never changed it and i didnt find any water in it. I finally had some time today to start checking into why it was over heating. i pulled the dipstick and sure enough it was milky. So now i know i have an internal leak but i dont know where. First thought was i might have had a small hole somewhere around the water pump because that broke last year and i replaced it. second thought was head gasket. any advice on where i should look is greatly appreciated.
  11. Welcome this is an amazing fourm with a wealth of knowlege and the members are awesome. Pretty much anything you want to know about an early z car is on this fourm. I quickly found out that the search button is amazing for finding information. Good luck finding your dream car.
  12. thanks. yeah mine is the 302 green as well. it is in need of a paint job its one of those 10 footers. yep it is a late one its production date 10/74 im going to start a refresh this fall once my dad gets his other garage finished so i can have more room. moving out a camper and a 69 plymouth sport satellite
  13. Thanks. I have the hood it just wasnt on at the time due to replacing the radiator and water pump.
  14. I have been around this forum for a while but i didnt get a chance to post pictures so here are some pics of my zed
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