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  1. Here is the link at hybridz.org. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/47525-how-to-mount-them-there-zg-flares/ I am in the process of doing this installation. I would recommend to search the web for as many pictures as possible to get the correct location for the flares. You will noticed not all are the same. Take your time and cut once!
  2. I have had good luck with ebay selling and buying. I have also had a dead beat bidder but I went through the proper ebay process so the situation you are in didn't happen. If a buyer does not pay then you have to report him and ebay does have a waiting period that has to go by before you can relist the item. Basically ebay notifies the buyer and if that buyer doesn't come through with a payment then you can relist and the original buyer wil get a strike against him/her. Too many strikes means you will get banned by ebay. The good thing though is the relisting is free. Always go through the proper processes if you have any issues.
  3. What makes a '72 E88 worth anything? Just asking because I have one laying on my shelf acting like a large paper weight. I never tried to sell it because I didn't think it was worth anything.
  4. Yeah JB weld is just a short term fix. That is a side of the road kind of fix. You should get the tank welded properly by a shop.
  5. I believe POR 15 can be painted directly over rust. That is the point of it. As long as you use their three step process of Marine clean, Metal ready, then the POR 15 paint you should be all set.
  6. I am in for one Thought make it for a 260Z please
  7. If you are trying to keep everything 100% original then I would try to restore your originals either by yourself or by a professional. I am sure that has to be someone in the states that does that kind of work. It may cost a few bucks but in the end I think it will be worth it.
  8. If your considering carbon fiver then sell the air dam you have and go out and purchase a carbon fiber air dam. Too me carbon fiber wraps are cheesy.
  9. padam07

    240 # 22

    I can't believe his reserve was set higher than $10k. If I were the seller I would have removed the reserve the minute it hit $10K. That is a good amount of money considering how much work will be needed. But seriously what a crappy job on advertising the car. The description was fine but needed to add more pictures.
  10. I have mikunis using a F.E.T. (Far East Trading Co.) intake manifold which is very short compared to most other intakes. I have at least 6" in between the air filters and strut tower.
  11. Any news yet? thought I would give free bump also
  12. Thanks I have money sitting in paypal for you if you have the door panels, glovebox, and hatch area trim peices...
  13. Curious if you have any black interior trim pieces for a 260Z or 280Z including door panels, arm rests, th inside part of the glove box (i have the door already) and the plastic trim panels that cover the shock towers. Are they vinyl or plastic? I am not sure because my current car has a welded in roll cage that I am going to remove. I literally have no trunk space with that damn thing. This is what I am dealing with. I will be cutting the cage out and installing the trim pieces.
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