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  1. Yeah, thats what my theory was, I literally was just getting done installing the SU Carbs and tried starting it so I figured I was going to have to play with the carbs to get that to calm down but I hadn't thought about there being a vacuum leak...thats something I will make sure to address!, I can't seem to hear the bang, I know he revved it right before it started to smoke and thats why it let out that big cloud but I think what it needs is just a lot of fine tuning....either way I want to get all possible symptoms everyone on this site may know so that I can make sure to address everything,
  2. Hello, I have a 260z with the original engine. When i bought the car it wasn't running and so after changing the fuel pump, ignition system, and carbs (from flat tops to su carbs) I FINALLY got it to start up!! Only problem is that it is running at a very high pace, and releasing a lot of smoke through the exhaust now I'm no car expert as this is my first car project so i have an idea on what may be wrong but am not sure, so I wanted to see if any one could identify the symptoms on the video below (in link) and provide a solution to help me solve the issue before I dive in and try to figure it
  3. Thank you for those pictures!, they help me get a better idea of what you're referring to!.......Could you by any chance post pictures of how you have wired your ignition coil just so I can verify that I am doing it properly! Thank you
  4. Could any one please explain how obtaining this Points to Electronic conversion kit (http://www.summitracing.com/parts/crn-700-0292/overview/make/nissan/model/260z) might help me? Would it maybe eliminate my problem?, or be of any help?
  5. Yeah I was thinking if maybe that could be an issue, I will make sure to check for it on Monday and maybe go ahead and get another one just in case!
  6. Could you please explain how the crane module and optical dizzy pickup works and how it would benefit me installing it please?
  7. I went ahead and took a video of what I'm dealing with so that we can be on the same page... Thank you for your help everybody
  8. I will will add more up to date pictures with all the wiring as soon as I get a chance to do so
  9. These are pictures I had in my phone, these are not the most up to date but all have done since is change the ignition coil and the spark plug wires but thats all! I really appreciate the help, hopefully together we can find a solution to my problem
  10. Can anyone please explain to me the ignition system of a 260z, Im getting no spark to the spark plugs and I doubt its even being transferred to the distributor (previous owner changed points to electronic)....... I get power to the ignition coil(new one), but when I turn the switch I get 12 volts on the possitive side and also on the negative side, and I'm pretty sure there is a wiring issue, a corroded wire or maybe a bad ignition module, so thats why I wold like to know the ignition system and what wires run from where to where so I could hopefully trace the problem down and get my car sta
  11. Actually I just saw them above so I will follow them! Thank you
  12. To be fully honest I let my dad measure for spark, he was using an ignition tester and we based our theory of no spark off of that, but Eurodat suggested following your instuructions to test for spark, so if you could please provide those once again for me I will make sure to try them tomorrow and take pictures to be able to show you, so that we may be on the same page, I really want to get my 260 started so your help will be greatly appreciated Thank you
  13. Could I get some thoughts on switching to a point replacement system?, I'm thinking of a Crane XR700
  14. Thank you Mr. Chad, I will read this and follow what it says and post back to let you know how it goes! I really appreciate your help!
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