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  1. Wheeler Dealers fb post last night indicated a 240z is coming up soon on that show.
  2. In the end I didnt need to even take it out. After removing the steering column shroud, I worked in some electrical contact cleaner and the problem is solved. I guess it wasn't too far gone to warrant disassembly. Thanks for pointing to it as the root cause of my issue. I was not looking forward to having to check the wiring for a short or a break.
  3. Thanks for the inofrmation guys. I may look at doing the cleaning myself, it doesnt look too difficult.
  4. Hi I'm not great at electrics and I am currently stumped. The turn signals on the LH side of the car only operate at the front, nothing at the rear. While the RH turn signals operate at the back with nothing at the front. The hazards work just fine with everything blinking all the way round. I was looking for pointers on how to proceed from anyone who's had a similar issue. Thanks
  5. Luckily yes, so Im not planning on changing them
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