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    I have 2 Datsun 120Y's 1 coupe 1 sedan, and am hoping to pick up a 240K very soon.
  1. cool thanks man, i'm off to see this K today and hopefully pick it up
  2. mr cammo, where did you pick those models up from???? i'd love one of the 2000GT ones :laugh:
  3. i'll have to do it when i pick it up on saturday
  4. do all the 240K's have the same dash, like between sedan and coupe and 2 door?
  5. Hi Guys, Do any of you know the factory weight of the 240K sedan?
  6. Hi Guys, my name is Aaron, i have had Datsuns for a long time now but am looking at getting into the bigger end of the Marqe. so if all goes to plan i will be picking up a 240K sedan on the weekend. and then the questions can begin! Cheers!
  7. is this the only guy that does the over fenders and front spoiler and grille in australia?
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