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  1. Indeed. Bill Reagan (bless his heart) made some pretty silly claims about "World Record" prices which made me think of 'World Series' baseball, and now somebody is defending it as though it is indisputable fact and/or impudent and insolent to question it in any way, shape or form. Strange hill to die on. Texas World Record, maybe?
  2. Here's what NOT to do. This car belongs to well-known "Serious Collector" and Bring-A-Trailer star 'Lstepp4re'. The Overfender is mounted too low on the body, and is also 'clocked'. All sorts of wrong:
  3. Once you've got the Overfenders mounted in the correct positions, THEN you can see how much it allows you to cut and clearance the rear arch sheetmetal. You can get very close to the Overfender mounting points, and this allows you more clearance than you are ever likely to need. Once you are cutting you might as well go all the way. To sum up, the correct Overfender position dictates where you cut, not the other way around.
  4. So you should have the swage line to work to, and the Overfender will pretty much find its own position once you find the reference points. Two of the fixing points (Nissan riveted the Overfenders onto the body, but you might want to use another fixing method) are almost ON the swage line, or are just below it. The Overfender overlaps the swage line at the uppermost peak of its curve. At the ends of the Overfender, the forward-facing end positions just above the dogleg and the rear-facing end drops down way below the bumper. Hopefully this photo will help. It is a genuine HS30-H mode
  5. They are probably the most accurate reproductions on the market, so they *should* find their own mounting positions when you get the ends close to where they need to be. The main pitfall is mounting them on the wrong side of the car (seen a few cars like that...) but if you have the correct piece on the correct side of the car it shouldn't be too difficult to get them within a few mm of spot-on. How's the sheetmetal on the car? No bondo/filler? Paint thickness?
  6. The factory 'Overfenders' were shaped so that their attachment points were pretty much self-evident. The rears had a little kink in the mating face that matched up with the swage line in the factory metal. Generic copies-of-copies and their derivatives may not have such subtleties.
  7. Strong possibility, to say the least. 😉 Amazing how quickly he has built up a loyal fan club in (what he calls) 'The Z Collector Community'. A lot of people seem to hang on his every word. Maybe they are oblivious to the past shenanigans?
  8. Some nice comments by Volvoamazon. Very apt user name. 😁
  9. I know right? Who judges the judges? I guess they do their best in the circumstances, but... Oh, and you downgraded me. I'm not an HS Standard, I'm an HS Deluxe Grande Nose... 😉
  10. Indeed. One of the people big-upping and sucking up to 'The Guild' (LOL) on the current BAT '69 HLS30U auction owns a car which has a bodyshell made out of at least three different cars welded together, but which - inexplicably - seems to have been given an award at ZCon 2021 Colorado. You've heard of the Rumble In The Jungle, but here's the Con At The Con...
  11. Plenty of Z34-based race cars have been built and used in anger. They even had a Spec Series for them.
  12. They are right. European mainland countries including Germany, France, NL, Belgium and Portugal, then UK, Australia, NZ and others still had carburettors on their S30-series Z models through 1978. They had choke knobs.
  13. I was thinking more of the big letter 'Z' in the middle of it... i.e. Not 'Datsun'. My theory is that the designers were probably not looking at '75 and '76 year steering wheels for detail inspiration. Same goes for the quarter emblems. The press and the talking heads are babbling about "the 240Z" references in the styling details, but the new car's quarter emblems seem to me to be referencing the original Japanese market 'Z' quarter emblems.
  14. Not the case. S30-S and S30-D, Fairlady Z and Fairlady Z-L started the ball rolling for the S30-series and the tradition was carried through subsequent generations. The '240Z' name was an afterthought. How about 1969:
  15. In the presentation, Mr Ashwani Gupta (Nissan's 'Chief Operating Officer', no less) repeats the lie that the Z's debut was on 22nd October 1969 at the Pierre Hotel in New York, with the 'Datsun 240Z'. The people writing the scripts for these sock puppets appear to have Googled Zhome.com...
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