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  1. the 2+2s have a longer wheelbase but also more weight to deal with... im going to use it for a little dragging but mostly road racing when i finish school... i think a regular 240 with some strengthening will be perfect
  2. Is anyone on here from Ohio or near the Cincinnati area??? just sondering
  3. get a sexy green i like black but thats not a color :sick:
  4. ive located a 71 240Z that meets my needs im most likely going to purchase it
  5. license and registration please... holy S#@* (pulls his gun) :mad: what the hell are those?!?!?! you reach for something :dead: bang u dead
  6. dude i want that ride...smaller than a mg
  7. my fav colors for cars: black and bright green
  8. What kinda 1/4 mile times do you guys run, with what mods and what model... im jsut wondering cuz im getting my Z soon and i wanna run at least 12s so i want to know what mods will get me in what "time zone"
  9. i dont care about liek the corner panels that much that what i mean si the frame rails and floors... i found one 260 for 1900 in my neighborhood it dont have any rust cept for on the doors wich i can live with is this reasonable do you think if runs fine
  10. Im buying a 240z or 260z in the near future... how much should i pay for a car thats not rusted out... its going to be a project car cuz im gunna strip it down to the frame and start from scratch... how much should i pay for one thats just not rusted out
  11. i go to a junkyeard near my house to buy crappy tired cheap and burn the hell outta them... my neighbors hate me... the road has black lines everywhere
  12. my 94 toyota corolla peels out like a mudda i get a little more than a chirp and i got beat by a z by like 2 secs... im sure it can... im getting my own z soon
  13. alright so im buying a z in the near near future for the intent to swap in a v-8 and make it a drag/somewhat show car for local shows... and i was wondering which should i get out of the three... theres a 280ZX for sale up the road from me im thinking about buying... and which has the most aftermarket or substitutable parts like hoods, front ground effects ect. and which is best to invent my money into making a streetable racer money isnt an option though i got about 20g for the project im gunna gut the engine take the body off and start from scratch so which one fo the cars is my best option...and most importantly which has the largest engine bay
  14. Has anyone on here put a v-10 in their Z... im getting a Z very soon... i saw one on ebay with a v-10 a while back... thanx guys
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