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    I own this car for 9 years now, it has sat covered in a garage for the whole time, and looks pretty good rust wise.
    I want to get her going to drive on nice dry days, summer or winter.
  1. thanks again all. I think I can get this together now. I wasn’t intending to "Hi-jack the thread " I was merely staying on a pre created subject ,without having to create a new thread when one already existed. am I bad,,,,, oops
  2. well, thanks these are all great suggestions. as far as money, and or time. I am 38 years old, and have a lot of time ahead of me, and for money, well, there I am not as well off as I am in age. I would only need the por, or other product t cover the exterior of the hood, and both doors. doesn’t sound like a lot of change $$ to me. back to my other question, say that 65% of the hood is surface rusted, should i sand off 100 5 of the paint, and por the whole thing? or is it better to leave what is good, and fix what is bad? it may all end up rusting if I don’t do the whole thing now. I would rather do it all once than 1/2 now, and 1/2 in a few years from now. but, I am open to other peoples trial and errors. I want to learn from you alls mistakes, and I hope you can learn from mine. thanks, from NY.
  3. and this is something I can just put onto bare sanded clean metal, and then topcoat with a primer, and then paint>>??
  4. some one told me not to do the whole car with these things. I have rust (surface) on the hood and a tad on both doors. I already used a palm sander, and took off the rust from these sections. should I take off all the paint, even if it is not rusty, or am I just creating more rust opportunities? and can I put POR on these surfaces first, then top coat with the desired paint color? or is there a better way to do this. I cant sand blast for $ reasons. thanks
  5. I am not sure about the availability of parts there either, I am in the USA, and work in a place here with primarily Swiss German, and Austrian people, so If you really need some parts, I can try to buy them,and maybe ship em to you. I am usually quite busy, and it may take a while to do, but we could try if you need. I know some online part centers only ship domestically here in the United States.
  6. maybe he could implement radio control to the car to race it around,
  7. next to battery area, easy fix. (i think)
  8. my son helpin me, i dont even know what rims these are
  9. under of car 2006, pass side
  10. under of car 2006, driver side
  11. 2 holes I MADE, as if this is a good idea, i was trying to install an electronic ignition, and mount over the wheel well
  12. my battery tray area, looks good to me
  13. under of car 2006, driver side
  14. any thoughts on these ebayers, look good to me, but i am not an expert http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=017&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=270051360710&rd=1&rd=1
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