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  1. It is every Americans (and free democratic citizen) right to protest and like a far wiser man than I once said “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it” (I Para phrase). Perhaps because I have spent my entire adult life in the military I have tunnel vision when it comes to these questions and points of view. I look at these protesters and think what are you protesting, who are you to shake your fist at me, when you have no clue on earth what it means to serve your country. I guess I am out of touch with civilian life; it just bothers me that people get so angry about a subject that they really know very little about or will ever experience beyond CNN or the history channel. As far as Brits being killed and I assume Sean that you talking about the Patriot battery that took out that Tornado and the Helo that crashed, this is the nature of war. The complexity of the systems involved and the shear number of mechanized equipment will mean accidents, and equipment failure. I have personally seen aircraft crash, ships run into each other, people shoot parts of their bodies off and one individual throw the pin instead of the grenade, this was all in peace time and not one instance made national news, it just happens. I have worked with British forces before and they are just as well prepared as the US, they just don’t have as much stuff as we do. Sean is right that those pilots he mentioned in the cable car incident and in the bombing of the Canadian troops should have been prosecuted and reparations made to the victims families. However I for one am pretty tired of nations propagating the anti American feeling that exists, and frankly I don’t care if those countries that feel this way never talk to us again. I used to think that the isolationist movement in the 30’s and 40’s was foolish but I am beginning to so their point, albeit for different reasons. I think the UN needs us a whole lot more than we need them.
  2. It was not my intention to disrespect our French members or try to make any suggestion that the United States has sacrificed alone in the World struggle for peace. My reference to the American servicemen buried in France was to highlight my point, that when push comes to shove the US shows up and invariably shoulders the majority of the burden. What upsets me is there seems to be this expectation that whenever there is a crisis in the world the US is expected to clean it up. However when were attacked and our government feels the current course of action is the correct one we are practically alone. In essence the only other countries to show up for the fight were the Brits and Ausie’s. To be honest I can’t help but feel we’ve been betrayed, perhaps that’s too strong a word but that’s what it feels like. I think that this war will probably be somewhat of a let down in that it’s not going to have all the fireworks and ceremony of the first conflict. The Republican Guard just doesn’t have the stomach to fight for a regime that is willing to execute it’s own soldiers if they retreat. Of course this war will cost us more than we will ever get back from initiating it, but I believe it’s not about what we will get back but rather ensuring a better future for democracy.
  3. I fully support the President and the decision of his Military and intelligence advisers to take this course of action. I am so very glad we have a President that will act and not waste time with countries that are more worried about their economy than protecting their citizens. Furthermore if planes had slammed into high profile targets in Europe or China or Russia the first thing they would of done would have been to wail and cry for US support, both financial and of course Military aid. It always falls to the good old USA to save the day. Case in point, there are some 60,000 American soldiers buried in northern France form two world wars. Saddam is a thug, a mass murderer, and a dictator prepared to do anything to keep himself and his line in power. He has courted many countries over the years in search of nuclear and bio weaponry so that he can influence the world stage, and bully his neighbors. He would have a working French and Italian built nuclear reactor right now if Israel hadn’t blow in up in 1980. A reactor that was supposedly for research purposes, but really built so that the Iraqi’s could produce weapons grade plutonium. Having fought in the first Gulf war, Operation Enduring Freedom and serving now in an anti terrorism unit here in the States, I have seen things, and been exposed to situations that have brought me up close and personal with the type of people that have allied them selves against the United States and it’s allies. Be they religious zealots or otherwise. I make no distinction between Al Qiada and the Iraqi regime, two different ideals and one aim. Both these factions are under the impression that if they bloody the nose of the US, and can get news footage of American casualties on CNN be they Military or Civilian here at home, we will fold like a house of cards. To do nothing now would be absolute madness, unless of course you don’t mind a nuclear weapon exploding in your city.
  4. Dan

    Location Poll

    I was living in sunny San Diego but the Navy had other ideas so now i'm in South Carolina. Not too bad i guess but damn i miss the pick N pulls in Socal.
  5. Ignition ballast thats it, anyway i was just about to lay down the dough for a new switch when i discovered the problem, hope i helped before it was too late.
  6. I had this very problem and it was the connection to the ignition resistor. Well i really don't know what it's called but there is a small box like component that sits right under the coil, if its not connected right you will experience the problem you are having. Pulled my hair damn near out until i fiddled with the connections there.
  7. At first i have to admit that i didn't like the 350, and my posts from this thread will bare that out. However about two weeks ago a guy that works in a building just across from me got one, so i got a good close up look and listen. I have to say it is sweet! and it sounds great, however when i pulled up in my 240 it became obvious quickly that the dude wasn't a Z guy, what a shame.
  8. I had this very same problem and it was the VR that was at fault. Daniel is quite correct in everything he said.
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