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I have the schell flipped over and I am ready do do some work but I am not sure what to do. Before I bought this it was sent out and the floor rewelded in, the fron frame rails were done, the battery tray and I am not sure what else. All the rusted areas were taken care of and now there is some minor surface rust. I am thinking I am going to sandblast prime, paint and undercoat the bottom. What would you do. Please advise.

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If you have access to sandblasting, that's the best - but be careful with any filler that may have been used over the welded areas - you may have to redo some of it. Once sand blasted, clean it really well with lotsa air, vacuum and then a solvent wipe. For aint, I swear by POR15, or Rust Bullet, both are single-component, moisture-curing epoxy coatings that can be sprayed or brushed on. After that, paint the color you want, or spray rubberized undercoating leave it as is. POR15 is UV sensitive, but fine on the underside.

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