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Ford door handles


Retrimmed, Ford handles obviate need for traditional pull handle

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    • The dual HSR carbs is proven on a zcar.  Simple, cheap and run like hell.  
    • Sorry- F54/P79 L28 at the moment- stock as far as I know, but gonna pull the valve cover to check the cam and maybe scope the pistons- running SUs. Having some fueling issues after long pulls (or highway on ramp through the gears) It was swapped into my 240 before I bought it- but the Z has a full MSA header and exhaust plus poly bushings all around, and upgraded brakes. So some one at some point did some work to the car so I need to check the engine out further.
      I have another spare F54/p79 engine I’ll plan on refreshing and maybe bumping the compression a little and street cam later on but not looking for a crazy build.
      Would love Mikuni 44 phh but they are very expensive now. Thought about OERs but haven’t gotten and response from them and have read mixed reviews on them. Had trouble with webers in the past on my 510. So that where these Mikuni HSRs come in. Easy access to Jets and replacement parts. I know that running 6 is overkill but the siren song of ITBs is calling, and it’s something a little different.
    • You haven’t mentioned from what I see information on the engine you are working with.
    • Thanks! I’ve sent DSI a message and will try and call them this week.
      There is a shop is Australia- MikuniOZ- who I think helped with this set up pictured gonna try and give them a call to.
      Very hard to determine sizing for these carbs- I’ve seen someone running a hot l24/l28 on two 42s or 45s- and then I’ve seen an A15 running four 45s!
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