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    1 x 1974 260Z with 350sbc. Of lesser interest to this Forum:
    1 x 300ZX twin turbo 2+2
    1 x 300ZX PentRoof twin turbo 2 seater
    The 260Z:
    350 Chev Block - ‘010’ block, 4 bolt main, Brodix Track 1 aluminium heads with 221 cc intake port and a 67cc chamber, custom grind Crow hydraulic cam, lobe separation 112*, inlet dur 236, exhaust 244, heavy duty pushrods, roller rockers and hydraulic lifters, block hugger headers - 4-2-1 exhaust, 3 hot dog style mufflers and one full sports muffler, Wieand X-elerator single plane inlet manifold, and new Edelbrock 4 bbl 600CFM carburettor with elect
  1. will fit the S30. I have bought one and will fit in the New Year. It is powered, and I bought all lines, pump, etc. I have to make brackets to fit the pump to my sbc, but should be reasonably straight forward. No use fitting a powered rack without hooking up the power assist. Would be far to heavy - just try switching off the motor in a modern car and try to steer it! Pics of a Mazda rack in a RHD 240Z for info. Should be similar for LHD, just mirrored:
  2. '74 260Z, G Nose, 16" Wats, 350sbc, T56. http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/2743/260407038ta9.th.jpg' alt='260407038ta9.th.jpg'>
  3. is like this: http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/6435/doorlockuk7.th.jpg' alt='doorlockuk7.th.jpg'> The dovetail is on the door and slides into the lock where the little white nylon spring loaded part is. It 'guides' the door into alignment to prevent any clash and is supposed to take care of any slight sag in the door hinges.
  4. I want to fit similar mirrors and have a pair of light alloy 'Downton' bullet mirrors just waiting. I tend to agree with Geezer (being one myself) that they should be a little more forward. A quick and dirty edit of BadDog's pic shows the look I'm after: Cheers,
  5. to reduce the moment at the apex. I'm very happy with this arrangement: http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/5486/350sbcnv0.th.jpg' alt='350sbcnv0.th.jpg'>
  6. The pics are of the MX5 (Miata) rack. I believe Subaru fits also. http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/5567/mx5rack04oo1.th.jpg' alt='mx5rack04oo1.th.jpg'>
  7. having just located a good condition early model unit, complete with pump piping, etc. I am told it is a simple fit, but need datto tie-rod ends. Until I try it I can't say much more. Here's a pic of one fitted in a 240Z (RHD): I thought our later Zs had power steering, anyway. Is the US model different?The obvious swap would be a powered rack from a 280ZX, I guess. Cheers.
  8. yellazed


    1974 260Z with 350 sbc
  9. yellazed


    Holden Commodore front brakes, Skyline rears
  10. yellazed

    White faced instruments

    Soon to be replaced with full Autometer set
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