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Window/Door Rubber Seal Kits..which one?


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Well, as my project gets closer to winding down, I'm now faced with finally having to order all the window and door rubber seals. I know Motorsports and V.B. both sell rubber seal kits. I don't have any problems paying for them. But I seem to remember a thread somewhere about using the kits for a 280Z on the 240's because the seals fit better. Anybody have any suggestions? Who has been there and done that?

Victoria British has three kits kisted:

240 70-73

260-280 74-6/75

280 7/75-78

I have a Series I, 1971 240Z. And I need all the rubber seals! I'm looking for suggestions here since my budget is limited and I'd hate to spend the money to find out my parts don't fit.

Any and all suggestions and comments are welcome...

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Well, as far as the 280 kit being better than the 240, I don't know. I can't think of too much that would be different except for the rear hatch seals. I think the early cars like ours had the "seals of many pieces" and then later in the 240 line they went to a one piece hatch surround. I had never heard of the 280 being used because it was better. But then again, I haven't gotten my car to that point yet so will cross that bridge when I get there.

There are other kits out there for about 225. I think Z Therapy has them and so does strictly Z. However, they are not exact duplicates of the originals. Something about the welting is different. So yes you can save a pile of money but if you want the original look you are stuck. Like I told you in a PM, I've got a list made up for the weatherstripping and rubber pieces that are available for MSA. Let me know if you want the bottom line. :eek:

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I ordered the complete set from V.B. Only really needed the 2 doors and the back hatch, but getting the complete set was cheaper in the long run. Didn't see that offered through MSA, might have just overlooked it. The ones for the doors are a bit thicker then the originals. I thought that it was because the old ones were compressed from almost 30 years of use. So now the doors have to be closed with some extra force, it does seem to be getting better. Careful with the glue, you overdo it and it can get messy. Have fun.

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Save yourself some money. Contact Andy Russel the Datsun Dude; z@datsundude.com or call him at 480-217-7322 and either speak with him or leave a message.

In my experience he either has the ORIGINAL replacement weatherstripping, or he has researched what parts were used in the Z Restoration Project and contacted many of the vendors and obtained permission to sell their parts.

On several items he has BEAT MotorSports by a good margin, and he won't ship you a part that isn't original and hope that you don't notice, he'll tell you UP FRONT that you are looking at an aftermarket part. But here's the kicker, it usually is BETTER than the original part, AND you will be hard pressed to discern the difference.

I've obtained many many parts from him, as well as the other sources. MotorSports has some excellent items, Victoria British has good items but if the price seems too good to be true, it's because it is a non-original part.

The only other source that I would recommend highly is:

Troy Thacker at

Too Intense Restoration;

email: amodem04@aol.com;

Ph: 714-293-5552

Fx: 714-544-0361

Between these two you should be able to save a bundle.

By the way, feel free to use my name but I don't think it will do anything for you OR for me. I'm passing on the information for one simple and plainly SELFISH reason: If they STAY in business, because others buy from them, then I can CONTINUE to buy from them. This is ALL I get from this plug.

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