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L28 Problems - What to do?


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If some of you remember, I had been given a 280z 2+2 last year. The previous owners were moving to the Dakatoas and wanted to give the car to someone that would appreciate the Z. Well, I got the car back to my house and had her running in a few days. Only I found out the next day that something was terribly wrong... starting her I heard some pretty large banging noises.

I finally got around to pulling the head this weekend and found out that my valves were sticking. The cylinders were coming up and hitting the valves. This was mainly a problem on #6, but, #4 also showed signs of sticking valves.

The damage is not bad. The cylinder is barely touched and the valve looks fine. But, I wonder what I should do now.

Do you think I should get the head rebuilt and try again? Or should I have the whole engine done? If I do the whole engine, I might as well purchase a rebuilt ATK engine and do this one on my own as time permits.

Anyway, pictures will be coming.

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For a quick fix you should atleast check the head for bent valves. This is maybe why they were sticking in the first place.

No telling if the piston was damaged without pulling it. It could have gotten a small crack. Then again it might be fine a 50-50 gamble.

I would get the head working right put it all back together and if she works she works.:classic: And if she blows:cry: . Then you can get your ATK.

Good luck

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Thought you already tried to get an ATK and they were having problems with supply? Might be just as well off to try to get one from Jasper. I was looking on their web-site and it said they have the L-28 in stock. The later L-28E's had a wait on them but the L-28 that you would need is in stock for $2066 I believe.

But then, you've got one of the best engine guys on the forum pretty close to you.. maybe Phred could help you out with it.:ermm:

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