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Hello people, Sorry I have been away for awhile now. I have been so busy as of late.

After selling off and closing the detail shop I found out how few jobs where around here. So I put myself back in school. Turns out I have had one of the best schools in marine wrenching only 15 miles from my home.

At this time I am a full time student at Northeast Technology Center in N.E. Oklahoma. I am at the end of my first semester in Marine Technologies program and will graduate in the spring of 2004. This program is backed by Mercury and is part of the Mercury University program. With this our classroom has well over $1,000,000.00 in Mercury products both stern drive and outboard with a complete Mercury library. Our library is kept up to date with service bulletins, microfiche, and service manuals along with being online with Mercury.

Our teacher is a Mercury Master Technician and has held this for well over 10 years. I feel I am getting an education second to none with an adult only class of only fifteen people. Each student in our class was interviewed and hand picked by our instructor with over sixty people looking to enroll in this course.

Mercury uses GM motors for there drive line so I have a huge heads up in that and we have 2000-2003 motors all over the shop 305s 350s 454s and even the new 502. There is also a ton of outboards from 5hp-250hp. Talk about getting to know how to tune and sinc multi. Carb. Set-ups.

With our teacher being a part of Mercury he got us into the Mercury plant in Stillwater OK. Turns out Mercury is who GM asked to make the all aluminum 5.7 quad cam motor for the early 90s ZR1 corvette. It was so cool to stand in the same room where they made that motor along with talking with the people that made it from raw blocks of aluminum.

I am not forgetting my Z at all. For that matter I have made a lot of headway on her. Turns out the teacher next door in welding is going to fabricate the new front frame rails for her as a part of his class. Then the auto body class is going to put it on the frame machine and weld it in for me. After that I am in the night class for fall in auto body with the ok to move her over for paint. So I am pressing to have her on the road for spring.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and let you all know whats up with me and my Z. For now my camera is down but I hope to have it up soon and will post some photos soon.

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Why thank you Jeff.

After learning how good this school is I felt I needed to go. I grew up on the water and love boating. With that I feel its a good fit for me. :cheeky: I also cant think of a another job where you are told " Take it out and open it up " as part of the final test of your work. :devious:

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Jeff (carguyinok),

It's good to see so many going back to school. Reminds me of just a few years ago I went back to school because of lack of jobs in my field. Well I thought the computer sciences would be a good bet, so off I went. When I graduated with my degree, guess what...the bottom fell out of that industry too! Fortunately I was able to get back into my old line of work (things picked up). Point was I was extremely glad to get the chance to go back to college with 16 hour days, pretty girls, no time for the Z, pretty girls, homework and more pretty girls...WOW. I would not trade the experience for anything. I still get to play around with the megabytes. Seems everyone wants their computer replaced, repaired or updated. Good Z money on the side.. Well lots of luck and try to do as I and become an honor student. Makes me feel good because I was 56 years old when I did this.

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Again, thank you Carl & Billcapp.

Billcapp, I may end up near you soon. In my job hunting I have found the highest pay & most jobs in your neck of the woods. So we may soon be doing car shows and or runs togather. Who knows :cheeky: And as for the pretty girls:love: Yes schools where there at :classic:

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I would think this area would be excellent for marine operations. There are so many damn boats here at times it's disgusting..can't get the boat in the water due to lack of parking at the boat ramps. Good luck with the job hunt and let me know if you need anything from this area, I may be able to send to you. If you want to hunt here personally...I've got room.


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