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280Z oil pump drive shaft or diz?


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Anyone have one?

I have an F54 turbo block (1982) and I'm trying to get it running NA (head is shaved). I have a 77 280Z distributor and an 82 turbo distributor and was hoping to get clever with the base peices, however the distributor drive shafts are different diameters so that plan is out the window without serious grinding/cutting.

Alternative would be a 280ZX NA distributor which seem hard to find for under a million bucks.

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Originally posted by Dtsnlvrs

The turbo dizzy is actualy part of a crank angle sensor type unit....only works on turbo cars

Which is why I only needed the bottom peice and/or driveshaft, yet they are different lengths and diameters. I have a standard distributor to use, I am not running the turbo ECU, wiring, or distributor itself.

Or of course the aforementioned oil pump driveshaft which I was trying to avoid before :)

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