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vg30dett in 240


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Wow! That swap looks like a nightmare. I think I'll stick to a L28et. If anyone has a good place to find one please let me know. I am on a budget, but I want one in good shape. No point in starting with a weak base to build on. In case you haven't guessed I am new to the sight, but I have a good working knowledge of nissan engines, and mechanics in general. This is my first foray into the old school nissan pool however. I have a good idea where to start, but any pointers or advice will be greatly appreciated. I live in the Chicago area so if anyone is local or knows of any local salvage yards that are good Z places please let me know.

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Welcome to the site ironbloc!

You could start out looking for an engine by hitting up car-parts.com and doing a search for stuff in illinois, but i've never seen any real great deals listed on there. Occasionally a good deal local to you pops up on the zcar.com classifieds for a cheap engine in need of a rebuild.

I've been in the market myself to get an engine to tinker with, and after keeping an eye out for a while, something fitting the bill finally comes up, but I don't have the garage space right now! arghh!

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